Park­ing makes life dif­fi­cult for school buses

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RE­GARDS the yel­low lines in Park Cres­cent.

I have been fol­low­ing your re­ports re­gard­ing the yel­low lines that have been painted in Park Cres­cent op­po­site the exit from Dea­con’s Academy.

Per­haps coun­cil­lors Peach and Lown­des are not aware of the dif­fi­culty that coaches have in try­ing to exit the academy. This has been a prob­lem since the academy opened.

Most of the school buses/ coaches that use this exit are 12 me­tres in length. The po­si­tion­ing of the exit gate so close to the foot­path means that driv­ers have to clear the gate with the rear of the coach be­fore turn­ing, hence the coaches reach 12 me­tres out into Park Cres­cent be­fore they can turn. If cars are parked op­po­site the gate the coach has to shunt back­wards and for­wards to en­able them to turn, This can be a dan­ger­ous ma­noeu­vre with chil­dren pass­ing be­hind.

The exit gate should have been built fur­ther back from the foot­path with yel­low lines in a hatched area ei­ther side of the exit. This would have al­lowed coaches to turn left or right upon exit with­out dif­fi­cul­ties and not en­croach on park­ing spa­ces for users of Cen­tral Park.

When the academy was built I very much doubt if any con­sul­ta­tions were done with lo­cal bus and coach com­pa­nies re­gard­ing the en­trances and ex­its. There are also prob­lems within the academy grounds for coaches to ma­noeu­vre.

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