Shrek 2 (BBC One, Satur­day, 5.15pm) Clover­field (Chan­nel 4, Mon­day, 9pm)

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What’s It About? The movie picks up just as Shrek and Fiona re­turn home af­ter a whirl­wind, around-the-world hon­ey­moon. Wise­crack­ing pal Don­key has been house-sit­ting for them and is thrilled they’re back, but they’re not alone for long. Royal pipers ar­rive to in­vite them to a ball be­ing held by Fiona’s par­ents, King Harold and Queen Lil­ian, in the king­dom of Far Far Away. How­ever, they’re hor­ri­fied by their daugh­ter’s choice of hus­band, and the fact she also dis­plays the same emer­ald, ogre-like tinge. What’s worse, there’s a slimy Prince Charm­ing try­ing to steal her hand in mar­riage - and her fa­ther’s throne. Is It Any Good? The orig­i­nal film was a de­light from start to fin­ish, but if any­thing, the se­quel is even bet­ter. Star Rat­ing: ***** (2004) What’s It About? A group of New York­ers are throw­ing a leav­ing party for a mate - and mak­ing sure they cap­ture it all on video - when they start to no­tice some rather strange rum­blings out­side. They leave the bash to dis­cover a gi­gan­tic mon­ster has risen from the sea and is at­tack­ing the Big Ap­ple. Five of the sur­vivors set out on a per­ilous jour­ney across the city to res­cue a friend, still film­ing the car­nage as they go along. Is It Any Good? Just when we thought film-mak­ers had run out of twists on the mon­ster movie, along came this in­ge­nious thriller fo­cus­ing on the pre­vi­ously ig­nored per­spec­tive of the flee­ing by­standers. Film­ing it on a sin­gle hand-held cam­era not only fits in with the cur­rent vogue for YouTube, the jit­ter­i­ness and im­me­di­acy of the footage brings view­ers as close as they are ever likely to want to get to what it would ac­tu­ally feel like to be es­cap­ing from a mon­ster. Star­ring: Michael Stahl-David, Lizzy Ca­plan, Jes­sica Lu­cas, TJ Miller, Mike Vo­gel, Odette Yust­man, Mar­got Far­ley, Theo Rossi Star Rat­ing: **** (2008)

Rais­ing Ari­zona (Film 4, Mon­day, 10.55pm)

What’s It About? Nicolas Cage is a hoot as Hi McDon-nough, the re­peat of­fender who falls for cop Ed. She is des­per­ate to have a baby and when she can’t con­ceive, they de­cide to steal one. The rea­son? They feel that the lo­cal ty­coon whose wife just gave birth to sex­tu­plets has more than enough chil­dren. Things aren’t helped when a bounty hunter starts chas­ing them, and Hi’s ex-con friends turn up. Is It Any Good? Of course it is. The Coen broth­ers don’t make bad movies, and this is one of their finest. Star Rat­ing: **** (1987)

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