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Two-bowl sin­gles First round:

Andy Grief (Crow­land) bt Ivan Jack­son (East Com­mu­nity); Steve Jinks (Peter­bor­ough) bt Les Sharp (Yax­ley); Jeff Clip­ston (Peter­bor­ough) bt Pete Lin­nell (Blackstones); Fred Richardson (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Mick Pe­gler (Belvedere); Wilf Red­head (Peter­bor­ough) w/o Steve Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor); Dave Masters (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham); Stu­art Wood­cock (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Jon Corby (Emp­ing­ham); Bar­rie Plow­man (Great Caster­ton) bt Frank Har­ris (Peter­bor­ough); Sean Fen­lon (West Ward) bt Keith Bur­rows (Belvedere); Adam War­ring­ton (Blackstones) bt Paul Dal­l­i­day (Langtoft Pearl); Tony Mace (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt John Bur­rows (Belvedere); Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley) bt Paul Wake­field (Ry­hall); Howard Shipp (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Cliff Wat­son (Peter­bor­ough); Ray Keat­ing (Belvedere) bt Roger Stit­son (Langtoft Pearl); Don Sut­ton (Deep­ing) bt Robert Heath (Yax­ley); Martin Wels­ford (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Bill Ives (Langtoft Pearl).

Sec­re­taries sin­gles Pre­lim­i­nary round:

Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham) bt Fred Addy (Park­way); Dick Field­ing (Mitchells) w/o Brian Mead­ows (West Ward); Melvyn Beck (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Neil Boon (Whit­tle­sey Town); Chris Orme (Stam­ford) bt Ivan Jack­son (East Com­mu­nity).

Pairs First round:

Roger Stevens (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Den­nis Henshaw (Ry­hall); Howard Shipp (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Dave Corney (Whit­tle­sey Manor); Mau­rice Eld­ing (Peter­bor­ough) bt Andy Grief (Crow­land); Tony Belson (Yax­ley) bt Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley); Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham) bt Andy War­ring­ton (Blackstones); Tony Phillips (Belvedere) bt John Bur­rows (Belvedere); Tony Mace (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Clem Cun­ning­ton (Mitchells); John Wiles (Yax­ley) bt Mal­colm Smith (Greetham Val­ley); Ken Ir­win(West Ward) bt Bob Crow (Langtoft Pearl); Steve Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Phil Dance (Mitchells); Trevor Collins (Park­way) bt Richard Mont­gomery (Langtoft Pearl); Fred Addy (Park­way) bt Vinny Ed­wards (Mitchells); Don Sut­ton (Deep­ing) bt Paul Buck­ley (Bar­nack); Les Sharp (Yax­ley) bt Dave Hil­ton (West Ward); Steve Lan­der (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Cliff Wat­son (Peter­bor­ough).

Se­nior pairs Pre­lim­i­nary round:

Den­nis Henshaw (Ry­hall) bt Bar­rie Plow­man (Great Caster­ton); Wilf Red­head (Peter­bor­ough) bt Keith Balsdon (Langtoft Pearl); John Tay­lor (Crow­land) bt Mick Lin­nell (West Ward); Clem Cun­ning­ton (Mitchells) w/o Roy Gib­son (Park­way).

Se­nior mixed pairs First round:

Brian Mead­ows (West Ward) bt Jim Mil­lar (Belvedere); Mick Lin­nell (West Ward) bt Peter White (Langtoft Pearl); Bob Collin (Yax­ley) bt Fred Brown­ing (Yax­ley); Peter Ed­wards (Ket­ton) bt Wilf Red­head (Peter­bor­ough); Ray Harniess (Great Caster­ton) bt Al­bert Hor­ton (Ket­ton); David Cox (Deep­ing) bt Giff Cooper (Yax­ley); Den­nis Henshaw (Ry­hall) bt John Stone­ham (Whit­tle­sey Manor).

Two-bowl triples First round:

Cliff Wat­son (Peter­bor­ough) bt Phil Dance (Mitchells); Ken Ir­win (West Ward) w/o Bob Trickey (Langtoft Pearl); Ean Mor­ton (Park­way) bt Les Sharp (Yax­ley); Keith Balsdon (Langtoft Pearl) bt John Bur­rows (Belvedere); Peter Ed­wards (Ket­ton) bt Tony Scarr (West Ward); Melvyn Beck (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Pete Ed­dings (Belvedere); David Cox (Deep­ing) bt Roger Stit­son (Langtoft Pearl); Fred Richardson (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Derek King (Ry­hall); Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham) bt John Stone­ham (Whit­tle­sey Manor); Ean Ea­gle (Peter­bor­ough) bt Ross Barr (West Ward); Mau­rice Eld­ing (Peter­bor­ough) bt Wilf Red­head (Peter­bor­ough); Mick Lin­nell (West Ward) bt Richard Mont­gomery (Langtoft Pearl); Fred Addy (Park­way) bt Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley); Bar­rie Plow­man (Great Caster­ton) bt Fred Brown­ing (Yax­ley); Keith Bur­rows (Belvedere) bt Jim Ruddy (West Ward); Alec Emery (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Steve Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor).

Three-bowl triples First round:

Jim Ruddy (West Ward) bt Mal­colm Squires (Belvedere); Fred Addy (Park­way) bt Ken Ir­win (West Ward); John Bur­rows (Belvedere) bt Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley); Brian Martin (Belvedere) bt Phil Dance (Mitchells); John |Stone­ham (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Melvyn Beck (Whit­tle­sey Manor); Peter Ed­wards (Ket­ton) bt Wilf Red­head (Peter­bor­ough); Tony Scarr (West Ward) bt Keith Balsdon (Langtoft Pearl); Peter Brown (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Martin He­witt (Stam­ford); Dave Corney (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Derek Reed­man (Whit­tle­sey Town); Don Sut­ton (Deep­ing) bt Les Sharp (Yax­ley); David Cox (Deep­ing) bt Ean Ea­gle (Peter­bor­ough); Richard Mont­gomery (Langtoft Pearl) bt Simon Law (Park­way); Mal­colm Smith (Greetham Val­ley) bt Ean Mor­ton (Park­way); John Wiles (Yax­ley) bt Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham); Fred Richardson (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Derek King (Ry­hall).

Adams Cup Pre­lim­i­nary round:

Whit­tle­sey Town bt West Ward D; Yax­ley B bt Ry­hall; Belvedere A w/o West Ward B; Great Caster­ton bt Langtoft Pearl B; Whit­tle­sey Manor bt Park­way B; Yax­ley A bt Deep­ing;

Con­ser­va­tives bt Belvedere B.

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