That re­spect for the el­derly is what we’re lack­ing to­day, and I want it re­in­stated by the time I get old

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It’s a ques­tion that strikes ter­ror into the heart of ev­ery teenage son and daugh­ter.

When I was kid it was nan who con­trolled the telly in the days be­fore the re­mote con­trol. You could not squir­rel your­self away in the bed­room play­ing COD 4 on the XBox. In­stead we sat through nan’s Sun­day af­ter­noon view­ing of Mr and Mrs with Derek Batey and other in­ter­minable game shows when all we wanted to do was lis­ten to the Ra­dio One chart count­down.

My nan had a mil­lion mem­o­ries and sto­ries to share and bored the socks off any­one who would sit still long enough to lis­ten. And we had to lis­ten be­cause she was old and it was im­po­lite not to.

That re­spect for the el­derly is what we are lack­ing to­day and I say this be­cause I want it re­in­stated by the time I get old.

I want peo­ple to do stuff for me. I want them to open doors and let me through the door first. I want them to carry things, and, in a few years time, when I’m in the twi­light of my years, I want them to shovel snow from my door. I want peo­ple to bring me hot food in a van in the day time and I’m not talk­ing about the late night take­away de­liv­ery driver who calls at your door de­mand­ing a tip. That’s an­other one of the perks of be­ing old– no one ex­pects you to tip.

Ah, can’t wait ’til I’m old.

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