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RE: Dis­cov­ery of 500-year-old bones in cen­tral Peter­bor­ough, June 10

It’s prob­a­bly not much of a sur­prise, or at least not as much of a sur­prise as the builders of Bish­ops Creighton school had when they found the buri­als there, (that was the for­mer site of St John’s church un­til 1402, the church was re­con­se­crated in 1407 IIRC). To be hon­est I’m sur­prised they’ve not been found be­fore now.

Dan church. Given the fact that Peter­bor­ough was se­ri­ously af­fected with the Black Death in 14th Cen­tury to such an ex­tent that there were not enough peo­ple to reap the har­vest, it was per­mit­ted to bury the dead even in ones back gar­den. On the other hand it may well be that there was a small piece of ground next to the church for peo­ple who were closely con­nected to the church. It’s a fas­ci­nat­ing rid­dle and I look for­ward to hear­ing more from the ex­perts. I won­der how much more lies be­neath our feet that could tell us so much more about this city? The his­tory of Peter­bor­ough is full of sur­prises and I hon­estly feel that if peo­ple were to learn about its past, they would re­alise that it can stand shoul­der to shoul­der with some of the great cities and towns any­where in the world! I am sure that these finds next to St. John’s will be­come an­other im­por­tant piece of the jig­saw of the her­itage of this great city, so don’t be too ea­ger to con­crete over it be­cause it is un­likely that we will have a sec­ond chance!

BRian gas­CoynE speed­ing is such a vast prob­lem that maybe all cars, yes ev­ery car in the coun­try, (ex­cept emer­gency ve­hi­cles) is fit­ted with a de­vice con­trolled by road­side sen­sors that force you to stick to the limit in any given area. This would take many years to im­pli­ment I know, but as long as we have cars, we’ll have speed­ers.

sMaLLLovE2 year, come on! One, maybe two? That’s not count­less. And if the speed ca­maeras are re­ally there to save road work­ers, why aren’t they switched off when the road work­ers go home? They’re money mak­ing de­vices. end of. If they were re­ally there to save road work­ers, they’d only fine peo­ple speed­ing while the road work­ers were there. QeD. oR­Di­naRy BLokE in THE


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