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RE: No cross­ing pa­trol puts chil­dren at risk, ET, June 14

It would be cheaper to put traf­fic lights in than em­ploy a cross­ing pa­trol per­son. I know they do a good job, but by walk­ing out into the road be­fore chil­dren even get to it so they can walk straight across is not teach­ing them road safety. I have seen this so many times in yax­ley and it makes me mad. The lady sees a child com­ing so she presses the but­ton and the lights are red way be­fore they even get there and are green for us to go, but the child has only just got there. I know we are tak­ing about ze­bra cross­ings but I feel so mad about this stupid thing they do. Surely they are missing an op­por­tu­nity to help teach them to be safer. They even do it when there is a par­ent with the chil­dren. Mad. Some of them just like the power it gives them al­though most do a great job.


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