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Q. Do you think the spend­ing cuts will be as bad as Mr Cameron says, or is he “talk­ing them up” so we will be sur­prised when they are an­nounced?

A. I think they will. Labour have re­ally dam­aged the coun­try in one way or an­other and rad­i­cal moves are needed, it’s the only way for­ward. Do you think the BP leak has been re­spon­si­ble for a lot of an­tiBri­tish sen­ti­ment in the US? Q. A. No, this could have hap­pened to any oil com­pany in the world, and do most Amer­i­cans know that BP stands for Bri­tish Petroleum? I think not. Also, how do most Amer­i­cans feel about all the Bri­tish troops who have lost their lives fight­ing for an Amer­i­can cause?

Q. In the wake of the Cum­bria shoot­ings, do you think the pub­lic should be banned from keep­ing guns at home? A. Q. Do you wel­come the Govern­ment’s de­ci­sion to aban­don the “pay as you throw” scheme planned by Labour to charge ac­cord­ing to the rub­bish you gen­er­ate?

A. Yes, def­i­nitely. Why do peo­ple need guns at home? Yes, I think it was a ridicu­lous idea in the first place.

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