So ob­sessed has he be­come with Wayne Rooney, he has had his hair cut just like his hero

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - Uk&world Update -

crosses on white pieces of paper and stick­ing them up around the con­ser­va­tory. (I know, I know, Blue Peter here I come.)

But when the match started, all the kids were too busy play­ing out­side to watch it – al­though Sa­muel did keep pop­ping his head around the door ev­ery few min­utes ask­ing: “Has Eng­land won the World Cup yet?”

Clearly, he doesn’t quite un­der­stand how it works. It has also be­come ob­vi­ous he also doesn’t re­ally un­der­stand about swap­ping Match At­tax cards.

On Mon­day, he took his al­bum into school and was de­lighted to gain the at­ten­tion of sev­eral “big boys,” who pro­ceeded to look through his book and take some of his best play­ers.

In fair­ness, Sa­muel did agree to this, but then got up­set when he re­alised he had swapped his ex­clu­sive, limited edi­tion Bobby Moore card for some ob­scure player from Aus­tralia.

We tried to ex­plain to him that you do not give away cards just be­cause peo­ple ask for them, and that you are sup­posed to swap the cards you al­ready have for play­ers you don’t, but our ad­vice fell on deaf ears, as, on Tues­day, he lost Maradona for Theo Wal­cott (again!) The al­bum is now stay­ing at home.

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