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The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - Uk&World Update -

“When I was a kid I re­mem­ber my par­ents say­ing we were up­per mid­dle class and now there’s just two classes: toffs and ev­ery­one else” - Ac­tor Ru­pert Everett. “I know I walk a fine line be­tween be­ing a re­spected ac­tor and be­ing what they call a sex sym­bol. It’s a hard one to walk if you want to be known as a real, cred­i­ble ac­tor. But I’ve never felt ob­jec­ti­fied. Noth­ing you see me do is an ac­ci­dent. I’m in­cred­i­bly cal­cu­lated when it comes to my ca­reer” - Ac­tress Eva Men­des. “Mostly it is be­cause I can’t bear the act­ing. It’s ter­ri­ble. What was go­ing through my mind and what ac­tu­ally ended up on screen are two very dif­fer­ent things. I don’t think I am wrong about this, but I’m very grate­ful that other peo­ple are” - Ac­tor Bill Nighy on why he can­not bear to watch him­self on screen. “The smell of fear that comes off a politician when you’ve asked the ques­tion you know he can’t an­swer” - Broad­caster John Humphrys on his favourite smell. “We are so used to laugh­ing at Amer­i­cans be­cause they are so ‘vul­gar’ and ‘stupid’ but watch good Amer­i­can TV and it has ma­tu­rity and sur­prise” - Stephen Fry, claim­ing that Bri­tish TV has be­come “in­fan­tilised”.

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