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The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - Uk&world Update -

“I think if two peo­ple love each other, then what the hell? I think that ev­ery­one should have the chance to be equally mis­er­able, if they want. It’s the new tol­er­ant me! My over­all look on things is a lot more ma­ture than it used to be” - rapper eminem who has now come to terms with same-sex mar­riages. “There was plenty of wild­ness back then, but we were a fairly sober lot com­pared to some of the guys. We were so knack­ered, work­ing the amount that we did, that we mainly slept”

- Sir Paul McCart­ney on the early Bea­tles days.

“I don’t think about grandeur. Grandeur is not what it’s about. I think about the beauty. The best thing about liv­ing here is that I never have to look at

any­thing ugly”

- The Duchess of Devon­shire on Chatsworth house.

“It suits them to ig­nore dis­as­ters that their own Amer­i­can oil com­pa­nies like Tex­aco and Exxon caused” - Lord Sugar crit­i­cis­ing Pres­i­dent Barack Obama and other US politi­cians for “elec­tion­eer­ing” over the BP oil spillage.

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