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PEN­SION­ERS Mau­reen and Len Steven­son, from Bourne, near Peter­bor­ough, said they did not be­lieve they would be that much worse off.

Mau­reen ( 8) said: “I thought they would get rid of bus passes, so it’s good they haven’t.

“I’m pleased the state pen­sion has in­creased.”

Len (71) said: “Apart from pen­sion and VAT, I don’t think any­thing else will re­ally af­fect us. We won’t be worse off.”

Vicky Naughton (28) from Crow­land, was shocked by the VAT rise.

She said: “It’s bad that VAT is go­ing up. It’s been 17.5 per cent since I was born.

“It will af­fect ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing clothes, flights and elec­tri­cal items.

“Shop­ping in Pri­mark won’t be the same be­cause you won’t get real bar­gains now.

“I feel they are pun­ish­ing us for the mess the Govern­ment and banks have made.

“I do think hav­ing a big­ger per­sonal al­lowance is a good thing, though.”

Mum Ruth Gloster (51), from River­gate, Peter­bor­ough, said many peo­ple on ben­e­fits would be hit hard by the emer­gency bud­get’s over­haul of the wel­fare sys­tem.

She said: “I think it will leave me worse off.

“Hous­ing ben­e­fit is be­ing re­formed, so a lot of peo­ple will be af­fected by that.

“My chil­dren are grown up so the Child Tax credit changes won’t af­fect me.

“But I am concerned about the VAT in­crease.

“It will af­fect ev­ery­thing we buy, in­clud­ing food.

“I do agree they have to be tough to re­duce the deficit, but this will mean a lot of peo­ple are a lot worse off than they were be­fore.”

OPIN­ION: (from left) Ruth Gloster, Vicky Naughton, Len Steven­son and wife Mau­reen Steven­son (bot­tom right).

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