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Block it off

RE: Fears for chil­dren on rail­way lines, ET, June 21.

The rail­way works hard to keep peo­ple off the tracks, but, un­for­tu­nately, chil­dren will find ways of “hav­ing fun”. At least this has been re­ported now, so hope it gets blocked off. Par­ents please keep your eye on what your chil­dren are up to or they may not come home.


All green spin

RE: Peter­bor­ough loses out on test project for ‘world’s green­est car’, ET, June 22

This makes me won­der if the var­i­ous quan­gos etc are re­ally do­ing any­thing other than talk­ing a good game, noth­ing but sound­bites, spin and hopes, but here are the re­sults of highly-paid lun­cheon groups just hav­ing a jolly at our ex­pense – noth­ing! (Of course I fully ex­pect to be de­rided and re­minded of what an amaz­ing job they’re do­ing bring­ing busi­nesses to this city . . . for a free lunch!)


It’s a shame

PETER­BOR­OUGH’S so-called “en­vi­ron­men­tal sec­tor” seems to me to be just com­pa­nies brand­ing them­selves as green, or “green” quan­gos. It’s a shame be­cause this would have ac­tu­ally been a true “en­vi­ron­men­tal sec­tor” com­pany.


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