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I aM a pub­lic worker, I work many un­paid over­time hours as do my col­leagues, it isn’t just the pri­vate sec­tor that does this. I have even worked days on my an­nual leave if it has proved nec­es­sary. There have been many jobs al­ready lost across the pub­lic sec­tor as well, 10 per cent in my or­gan­i­sa­tion last year. We have been open to change on a reg­u­lar ba­sis and ev­ery time the me­dia moan about some­thing or an­other, be­cause one mis­take was made against the mil­lions of times it didn’t oc­cur – the sys­tem is changed to cre­ate yet more tick boxes to sat­isfy those who look for the slight­est ex­cuse to cas­ti­gate the ser­vices pro­vided. The re­sult be­ing that there are so many checks and bal­ances in the sys­tem that it be­comes in­ef­fi­cient and slow. This is not the fault of the pub­lic sec­tor but our po­lit­i­cal masters, which­ever side are in power, who are concerned about how they are por­trayed and their pop­u­lar­ity.

Many pro­cesses I have to un­der­take would never oc­cur in the pri­vate sec­tor and I don’t want to have to fol­low them ei­ther, but not do­ing so af­fects your pro­mo­tion prospects. Much of the back of­fice func­tions have been out­sourced to the pri­vate sec­tor, which have proved more ex­pen­sive, and less flex­i­ble and cer­tainly not ef­fi­cient. Hav­ing said all this I am con­tent to take a pay freeze, I would pre­fer that than los­ing my job.

We are like any other worker and it is time to dis­pel the myths, and stop the di­vide and rule. I am sure I can give as many ex­am­ples of sloppy work­man­ship, lazi­ness etc etc in the pri­vate sec­tor as well, but this slang­ing match be­tween pri­vate and pub­lic has to stop.

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