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Broc­coli with hazel­nut & orange But­ter By ten­der­stem Broc­coli Serves 4 as a side Prepa­ra­tion time: 10 min­utes Cook­ing time: 10 min­utes 40g blanched hazelnuts Zest of 1 small orange 70g un­salted but­ter, soft­ened Freshly ground black pep­per & sea salt to taste 400g broc­coli 1) Toast the hazelnuts in a dry fry­ing pan un­til they are golden brown and smell de­li­ciously nutty. Take care not to burn them - they will only take a minute or two to cook. Tip into the cen­tre of a clean tea towel and cover. Gen­tly crush with a heavy rolling pin or the base of a saucepan. Don’t over crush – it’s nice to have a few big­ger bits in the but­ter. 2) In a small bowl, us­ing the back of a fork, work the hazelnuts and orange zest into the but­ter. Sea­son to taste with freshly ground black pep­per and sea salt. Scrape the but­ter onto a piece of cling film and roll into a log. Chill for an hour or so to firm up. The but­ter can be made sev­eral days in ad­vance and stored in the fridge. 3) When you are ready to eat, steam the broc­coli for 3 to 4 min­utes un­til ten­der but with a lit­tle bite. Drain and tip into a warm serv­ing dish. Dot with slices of the hazel­nut and orange but­ter and serve im­me­di­ately. Fes­tive rocky road By river­ford Farm Makes ap­prox 40 small pieces 300g mixed River­ford nuts, shelled (halve the wal­nuts, leave the hazelnuts and al­monds whole) 6 digestive bis­cuits, roughly bro­ken into pieces 16 River­ford dates, pit­ted and roughly chopped 100g mini marsh­mal­lows (or chop up a few large ones) 300g milk choco­late 300g dark choco­late hand­ful dried cran­ber­ries (op­tional) 1) Line a 4-5cm deep tin or dish ap­prox 30cm x 20 cm (or the near­est size you have) with bak­ing parch­ment. 2) Put all the ingredients ex­cept the choco­late into the tin, mak­ing sure it is all evenly dis­trib­uted. 3) Break up the choco­late into small pieces and place in a heat­proof bowl that fits snugly over a pan of sim­mer­ing water. 4) Gen­tly heat, with­out stir­ring, un­til the choco­late has melted. Stir briefly to com­bine the two choco­lates, then pour evenly over the nut mix­ture. 5) Leave to cool at room tem­per­a­ture, then re­frig­er­ate un­til firm (about 2 hours). Cut into small pieces us­ing. Keep in the fridge.

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