Blue green al­gae

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BLUE green al­gae, also known as Cyanobac­te­ria, are a group of pho­to­syn­thetic bac­te­ria of­ten re­ferred to as “pond scum”.

The al­gae is most of­ten blue­green in colour but can also be blue, green, red­dish-pur­ple or brown.

It gen­er­ally grows in lakes, ponds and slow-mov­ing streams when the water is warm and en­riched with nu­tri­ents like phos­pho­rus or ni­tro­gen.

It can pose risks to hu­mans if in­gested in­clud­ing caus­ing skin ir­ri­ta­tions and sick­ness.

Dogs are more at risk of fall­ing sick from swal­low­ing the al­gae and it can cause them to die.

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