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SO let me get this right . . . Stam­ford­town Foot­ball Club (aka - the Daniels) sack a man­ager whom has brought them rel­a­tive suc­cess, was given a sea­sonal bud­get for 2012/13 and has in­creased their mar­ket pro­file with ad­ver­tis­ing, in favour of an­other man­ager (ap­par­ently well ad­mired) whom has sud­denly availed him­self to the board? Shock­ing busi­ness!

The club chair­man, John Drewnicki, de­serves full credit for show­ing scru­ples over the mat­ter in re­sign­ing upon the prin­ci­ple that

Daniel Levy (chair­man of Tot­ten­ham Hot­spur) once sacked a man­ager whom had achieved suc­cess and his next move re­sulted in a me­dia frenzy and the ab­ject fail­ure of the new in­cum­bent.

High praise for Mr Drewnicki and Mr Brook­banks and you are both de­serv­ing of far bet­ter than your re­cent ex­pe­ri­ences with the Daniels’ board of di­rec­tors. An­ton Lang

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A MAN OF PRIN­CI­PLE: John Drewnicki.

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