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“We are not old. We are re­cy­cled teenagers” - Betty Smith, 90, and Beryl Ren­wick, 86, whose weekly show on BBC Ra­dio Hum­ber­side has won them a Sony Ra­dio Award for the best en­ter­tain­ment pro­gramme. “At 72 I am be­gin­ning to give up hope. The only girl who ever sort of threw her­self at me was when I was per­form­ing in Cardiff in 1973. She could have played in the sec­ond row for the Welsh rugby team with­out any­one notic­ing there was any­thing up” - John Cleese. “I wanted peo­ple in the ring to think they were deal­ing with a sav­age” - Ex-boxer Mike Tyson. “I al­ways had the view English­men were ma­ture peo­ple, sen­si­ble peo­ple, and law-abid­ing peo­ple. If such things hap­pen in de­vel­op­ing coun­tries, that is un­der­stand­able. But in Eng­land that hap­pened - I re­ally thought ‘Oh’” - The Dalai Lama on last year’s ri­ots. “It’s a kind of run of re­peated ges­tures and emo­tions which peo­ple sat­isfy them­selves with, like sausages in a bun or ice-cream. Those things are OK but too much of them isn’t good for your life” - Fem­i­nist au­thor A S By­att on TV dra­mas which she says make her feel de­pressed.

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