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The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - Uk&world Update -

“I am the bionic woman” - Ac­tress An­gela Lans­bury, 86, when asked if she got tired. “When I walk through air­port se­cu­rity it’s like the band strikes up and fire­works go off. I al­ways say that on the top half I am Dorothy’s daugh­ter from The Wizard Of Oz. On the bot­tom half, I’m the Tin Man” - Ac­tress Liza Min­nelli, who has had new hips, a re­place­ment knee and other sur­gi­cal “In my cab­i­net I’ve old pho­tos, records, a suit, a box of mem­o­ries. If I found an Eto­nian in there, I’d be very sur­prised” - Mu­si­cian Jools Hol­land when asked if he thought there were too many Eto­ni­ans in the Cab­i­net. “You know life is great when you wake up at 9am drunk” - Singer Ri­hanna, who over­slept

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