A les­son in school’s his­tory

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reds and blues al­ways used to be first or sec­ond in sports.

“I also re­mem­ber on a prize giv­ing – I think it was 1963 – Hugh Gaitskell – was giv­ing out the prizes when some­one came on stage and told him the John F Kennedy had been shot.

“Also on leav­ing school I took the Col­lege of Pre­cep­tors Exam, a year One course (no one has heard of it these days) and I got 10 sub­jects in­clud­ing two dis­tinc­tions in al­ge­bra and mu­sic.

“I got the sec­ond high­est re­sults that year.”

HOTS of Eastholm School from yesteryear brought up some nice mem­o­ries for a pre­vi­ous stu­dent.

We pub­lished two pic­tures of the sec­ondary mod­ern school – now part of Thomas Dea­con Academy – and asked for peo­ple’s sto­ries.

Teresa Smith wrote to us, and said: “My name is Teresa Smith (was Holmes). I was one of the first to at­tend Eastholm Girls.

“I re­mem­ber well walk­ing down the road in my navy beret to school! I also sang, I was in the school choir and recorder group.

“Stu­dents weren’t as rude and cheeky those days and seemed to re­spect the teach­ers more.

“I re­mem­ber once though in a chem­istry les­son we were put into groups to do ex­per­i­ments.

“We had a bun­son burner, tri­pod gauze and flask with some liq­uid in it that we had to heat up in a glass flask.

“One of the girls used a plas­tic flask which of course melted and the liq­uid spewed all over the floor. Us girls thought it very funny, but of course the teacher was not amused.

“I re­mem­ber go­ing to Oun­dle for mu­sic fes­ti­vals for recorder and singing.

“The houses that we were in were Cather­ine Clay­ton (green, I was in this one!), Florence Saun­ders |(red), Hester Blag­den (blue) and Mar­garet Gib­son (yel­low). When I was there, the

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