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THE in­au­gu­ral Hunts men’s two-wood sin­gles com­pe­ti­tion was played down to the semi-final stage at Sawtry last Satur­day, with War­boys’ Eng­land pair­tris­tan Mor­ton and Si­mon Leader through to face­trevor Collins (Park­way) and Neil Wright (West Ward) re­spec­tively.

NORTHANTS WOMEN FOUR-BOWL SIN­GLES, first round: Hazel Bass (Yax­ley) bt Freda Thomas (Yax­ley) 21-8; Mary Mal­ton (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Sheila Craig (Con­ser­va­tives) 21-19; Joan Robin­son (Yax­ley) bt Glenys Ed­wards (Ket­ton) 21-15; Jenny Hil­ton (West Ward) bt Pam Garn (Con­ser­va­tives) 21-8; He­len Crow (Langtoft Pearl) bt Pearl O’brien (Deep­ing) 21-10; Lucy Cooke (Langtoft Pearl) bt Janet Duffy (Peter­bor­ough) 21-2; Norma Squires (Belvedere) bt Pam Plow­man (Great Caster­ton) 21-4; Sarah New­son (Peter­bor­ough) bt Liz Barr (West Ward) 21-16; Val Du’kett (Ket­ton) bt Wendy Stevens (Con­ser­va­tives) 21-19; V. Cooke (Langtoft Pearl) bt Linda Kemp (Con­ser­va­tives) 21-19; Linda Toms (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Julie Mas­ters (Peter­bor­ough) 21-2. Walkovers: Sue Moir (Deep­ing), Pat Col­li­cott (Deep­ing), Vi Hatch (West Ward), Doris Flow­ers (Yax­ley). SE­NIOR SIN­GLES, first round: He­len Crow (Langtoft Pearl) bt Norma Squires (Belvedere) 21-6; Judy Ford (Yax­ley) bt Liz Barr (West Ward) 21-15; Doris Flow­ers (Yax­ley) bt Hazel Bass (Yax­ley) 21-14; Sheila Craig (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Wendy Har­rold (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 21-18; Kathy Browning (Yax­ley) bt Wendy Stevens (Con­ser­va­tives) 21-17; Julie Mas­ters (Peter­bor­ough) bt Pearl O’brien (Deep­ing) 21-15; Ma­rina Ran­dall (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Fiona Richard­son (Belvedere) 21-19. SE­NIOR PAIRS, pre­lim­i­nary round: Fiona Richard­son (Belvedere) bt Gill Day (Belvedere) 21-11; Pam Wolver­son (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Ro Collin (Yax­ley) 22-12; Ann Cooper (Yax­ley) bt Mar­garet Lin­nell (West Ward) 24-14; Judy Ford (Yax­ley) bt Sheila Craig (Con­ser­va­tives) 18-15; Norma Squires (Belvedere) bt Val Du’kett (Ket­ton) 19-17; Doris Flow­ers (Yax­ley) bt J. Bridges (Langtoft Pearl) 22-11. Walkovers: Pearl O’brien (Deep­ing), Con­nie Cox (Ket­ton). PAIRS, first round: Fiona Richard­son (Belvedere) bt Angie Jinks (Mitchells) 18-17; Lucy Cooke (Langtoft Pearl) bt Mar­garet Lin­nell (West Ward) 16-12; J. Thompson (Bar­nack) bt Sheila Craig (Con­ser­va­tives) 19-18; He­len Crow (Langtoft Pearl) bt Karen Bur­rows (Belvedere) 18-17; Sarah Martin (West Ward) bt Ma­rina Ran­dall (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 16-14; Sarah New­son (Peter­bor­ough) bt Ro Collin (Yax­ley) 19-14; Ann Cooper (Yax­ley) bt Vi Hatch (West Ward) 18-17; Kathie Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Linda Darani (Belvedere) 21-16. THREE-BOWL TRIPLES, first round: J. Dupree (Ry­hall) bt Liz Barr (West Ward) 19-12; Bar­bara Tal­bot (Con­ser­va­tives) bt V. Cooke (Langtoft Pearl) 27-16; Linda Toms (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Judy Ford (Yax­ley) 29-16; Kathie Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt J. Bridges (Langtoft Pearl) 2914; Angie Jinks (Mitchells) bt Sheila Craig (Con­ser­va­tives) 23-14; Karen Bur­rows (Belvedere) bt Mar­garet Lin­nell (West Ward) 25-16; Linda Darani (Belvedere) bt J. Thompson (Bar­nack) 19-5.

Harry Ward (Pap­worth) bt Si­mon Law (Park­way) 16-13. First round: Tris­tan Mor­ton (War­boys) bt An­drew Cooper (Yax­ley) 15-13; John Kenny (Hunt­ing­don) bt Kevin Ward (Pap­worth) 14-13; Stu­art Reynolds (Park­way) bt John Thurston (Yax­ley) 16-10; Robert El­more (War­boys) bt Howard Shipp (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 15-14; Stu­art Wood­cock (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Brian Martin (Park­way) 16-13; Trevor Collins (Park­way) bt Robert Jep­son (St Ives) 15-9; Si­mon Leader (War­boys) bt Nicky Brett (War­boys) 18-9; Lee Swan­nell (War­boys) bt Alan Black­ley (Hunt­ing­don) 17-6; Ward bt Tony Wil­liams (Holy­well cum Need­ing­worth) 19-10; Andy Wal­ton (Ey­nes­bury) bt Mike Robert­son (Park­way) 16-15; Neil Wright (West Ward) bt Harry Thompson (West Ward) 17-10; Al­bert Corn (Buck­den) bt Nigel Ea­gle (Park­way) 16-8; Toby Furze­land (Sawtry) bt Ed­ward El­more (War­boys) 15-6; Stu­art Pop­ple (Park­way) bt Alex Wal­ton (Bramp­ton) 17-13; Wayne Bai­ley (War­boys) bt Ean Mor­ton (War­boys) 15-13. Walkover: James Har­ford (Park­way). Sec­ond round: Leader bt Ward 16-7; Collins bt Reynolds 17-6; El­more bt Wal­ton 18-11; Pop­ple bt Corn 18-5; Har­ford bt Swan­nell 16-11; Bai­ley bt Furze­land 16-12; Wright bt Kenny 16-13; Mor­ton bt Wood­cock 19-9. Quar­ter-fi­nals: Collins bt Bai­ley 17-8; Mor­ton bt Pop­ple 14-12; Wright bt Har­ford 17-12; Leader bt El­more 17-18. Semi-fi­nals (June 17) – Leader v Wright; CHAM­PION OF CHAM­PI­ONS SIN­GLES, pre­lim­i­nary round: Hazel Bass (Yax­ley) bt Pat Porter (Fen­stan­ton) 21-12.

HUNTS WOMEN SIN­GLES, first round: Walkovers: Cather­ine Pop­ple (Peter­bor­ough), Pat Reynolds (Whit­tle­sey Manor). PAIRS, first round: Kathy Browning (Yax­ley) bt Peggy Birch (Ket­ton) 22-14. Walkovers: Dina Bar­low (St Ives), Emma Thurston (Whit­tle­sey Manor). TRIPLES, pre­lim­i­nary round: Judy Ford (Yax­ley) by Nicki Her­bert (Sawtry) 14-12; Lynda Childs (Hem­ing­ford) bt Karen Bur­rows (Park­way) 24-5; San­dra Day (Somer­sham) bt An­drea Rose (Ram­sey) 23-9. FOURS, pre­lim­i­nary round: Val Corn (Buck­den) bt Sheila Craig (Con­ser­va­tives) 18-16.

NORTHANTS MEN FOUR-BOWL SIN­GLES, first round: Paul Wake­field (Ry­hall) bt Peter Holmes (Crow­land) 21-8; Jeff Clip­ston (Peter­bor­ough) bt Ross Barr (West Ward) 21-14; Joe Martin (Peter­bor­ough) bt Thomas Field­ing (Mitchells) 21-10; Bar­rie Plow­man (Great Caster­ton) bt Ian Cooke (Langtoft Pearl) 21-2; Tony Mace (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Roger Gra­ham (Black­stones) 21-16; Doug Want (Ket­ton) bt An­drew Cooper (Yax­ley) 21-17; Stephen Shaw (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Peter Marchant (Yax­ley) 21-15; Steve Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Ken Lang­ford (Deep­ing) 21-15; Colin Truman (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Ean Ea­gle (West Ward) 21-11; Melvyn Beck (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Cliff Wat­son (Peter­bor­ough) 21-16; Derek King (Ry­hall) bt Mick Pe­gler (Belvedere) 21-10; Jim Ruddy (West Ward) bt Richard Al­lam (Stam­ford) 21-17; Brian Bas­sam (Peter­bor­ough) bt Jon Corby (Emp­ing­ham) 21-18; John Thurston (Yax­ley) bt Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley) 21-17; Roger Martin (West Ward) bt Mick Leighton (Crow­land) 21-6; Martin Wels­ford (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Tony Kemp (Con­ser­va­tives) 21-16; Mick Wal­lis (Ry­hall) bt Adam War­ring­ton (Black­stones) 21-20; Ray Keat­ing (Yax­ley) bt Brian Martin (Park­way) 21-20; John Jinks (Mitchells) bt Harry Thompson (West Ward) 21-18; John Hol­royd (Stam­ford) bt Howard Shipp (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 21-11; Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham) bt Kevin Ran­dall (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 21-9; Barry Lawrence (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Den­nis Henshaw (Ry­hall) 21-8; Sean Fen­lon (West Ward) bt Daniel Ir­win (West Ward) 21-5; Paul Dal­l­i­day (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Brett Maplethorpe (West Ward) 21-9. Walkovers: Fred Richard­son (Whit­tle­sey Manor), Paul Buck­ley (Bar­nack). VET­ER­ANS SIN­GLES, pre­lim­i­nary round: Peter White (Langtoft Pearl) bt Bill Ives (Langtoft Pearl) 21-8; Ean Ea­gle (West Ward) bt David Cox (Deep­ing) 2111; Char­lie Beeken (Crow­land) bt Mal­colm Squires (Belvedere) 21-1l. Walkovers: Joe Martin (Peter­bor­ough), Jim Mil­lar (Belvedere). SE­NIOR MIXED PAIRS, pre­lim­i­nary round: Bruce Saint (Yax­ley) bt Eu­gene King (Yax­ley) 19-14; Joe Martin (Peter­bor­ough) bt Peter White (Langtoft Pearl) 23-6. Walkover: Al­bert Hor­ton (Ket­ton). THREE-BOWL TRIPLES, pre­lim­i­nary round: Roy Har­vey (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Fred Browning (Yax­ley) 18-15; Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley) bt Roger Strong (Belvedere) 24-19; Derek King (Ry­hall) bt Martin Wels­ford (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 18-14; Rob Day (Belvedere) bt Cliff Wat­son (Peter­bor­ough) 21-7; Pete Lin­nell (Black­stones) bt Tony Scarr (West Ward) 20-19; Richard Day (Yax­ley) bt Melvyn Beck (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 17-14; Richard Al­lam (Stam­ford) bt Howard Shipp (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 18-8; Wilf Red­head (Peter­bor­ough) bt Peter Ed­wards (Ket­ton) 18-14; Fred Addy (Park­way) bt Don Sut­ton (Deep­ing) 23-22; Sean Fen­lon (West Ward) bt Terry Cor­ney (Whit­tle­sey Town) 19-12; Fred Richard­son (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt John Jinks (Mitchells) 19-12; Phil Af­ford (West Ward) bt Richard Mont­gomery (Langtoft Pearl) 21-12; Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham) bt Si­mon Law (Park­way) 17-10. MIXED TRIPLES, pre­lim­i­nary round: Doug Want (Ket­ton) bt Les Sharp (Yax­ley) 19-17; Barry Lawrence (Whit­tle­sey Manor) bt Ch­es­ney Col­li­cott (Deep­ing) 20-14; Ross Barr (West Ward) bt Jim Ruddy (West Ward) 28-9; Stephen Shaw (Con­ser­va­tives) bt Steve Ro­den (Whit­tle­sey Manor) 19-18; Kevin Setch­field (Peter­bor­ough) bt Ian Cooke (Langtoft Pearl) 19-14; Paul Buck­ley (Bar­nack) bt Brian Swann (West Ward) 23-22; Brian Bas­sam (Peter­bor­ough) bt Jack Scurfield (Yax­ley) 29-8; Jim Mil­lar (Belvedere) bt Mike Rams­den (Emp­ing­ham) 21-16; Mick Lin­nell (West Ward) bt Gra­ham Ag­ger (Yax­ley) 17-16; Fred Browning (Yax­ley) bt Colin Spence (Ry­hall) 24-12; Neil Boon (Whit­tle­sey Town) bt Bob Crow (Langtoft Pearl) 19-12. DANNY DUFFY TRO­PHY, pre­lim­i­nary round: West Ward Lions bt Whit­tle­sey Manor B 93-57.

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