What are all the cuts achiev­ing?

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - Your Views - Rona Hendry and Mark Burn Branch Sec­re­tary and As­sis­tant Branch Sec­re­tary, UNI­SON, Peter­bor­ough

With the New Year we can only hope that some peace of mind comes to those of us who live and work in Peter­bor­ough. On one hand the Government tells us that the spend­ing power of the coun­cil has gone up, and then in your pa­per we are in­formed to be wary of bud­gets for the coming year. We are un­der no il­lu­sion that this Government has NOT in­creased the bud­get for 2013/ 14 to PCC. As we come to the clo­sure of an­other pan­tomime sea­son – oh yes we are. We are full time Uni­son of­fi­cials who work for PCC - ( boo from the gal­leries of Tax Pay­ers Al­liance and our lo­cal MP). This means we work within the pub­lic sec­tor ( more boos and hisses from folk). Our Prime Min­is­ter in his new year mes­sage tells us that ‘ tan­gi­ble progress is be­ing made’, is it really - what about the peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough what do they think and feel, what do they see; out­sourced ser­vices which seem to be less ef­fec­tive than was promised. They see their streets are left messy and dirty! The Prime Min­is­ter told us ’ we are all in this to­gether and that the pri­vate sec­tor would pick up the slack’. Ge­orge Os­borne pre­dicted 70,000 job losses in the pub­lic sec­tor but it now to­tals nearly 300,000 across the coun­try. We now have re­dun­dan­cies within the pri­vate sec­tor as well so I ask whow­ill pick up the slack? Well what this Government does is at­tack those on ben­e­fits! They con­ve­niently for­get the shame­ful pub­lic sec­tor work- ing at West­min­ster who claim so much in ex­penses. And also con­ve­niently this seems to have been given a back seat. Who else can say ‘ If I buy some sweet or a bot­tle of water I can put that on ex­penses’? What about a more rad­i­cal idea – scrap­ping the ex­tremely long hol­i­days that the MP’s have? What is hap­pen­ing about the very rich peo­ple who legally avoid paying tax, this please needs to be looked at with real tan­gi­ble progress and feed­back to the pub­lic! Yes they will tell us how they work dur­ing those par­lia­men­tary breaks, but then moan at teach­ers for the same sort of breaks or even deputy heads who in th­ese tough fi­nan­cial times PCC can au­tho­rise to send to a very ex­pen­sive hall for an away day. Was there really nowhere else to hold this meet­ing, some­where cheaper and nearer? With bud­gets so tight we are sure that more cut­backs within the pub­lic sec­tor will take place this year, plac­ing more peo­ple out of work, placed on ben­e­fits, or some more out­sourc­ing from PCC. But hand on heart can they really say that plan has worked so far? But not all is lost, we en­joy work­ing for PCC and so do most staff and we all work hard to try and make a dif­fer­ence, ( more boos from thegallery) so we shall con­tinue to do our best, and with a bit of luck our lo­cal MP will say some­thing good about Peter­bor­ough – even­tu­ally!

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