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It was good to read in the PT that mem­bers of Neigh­bour­hood Watch groups across the city are get­ting to­gether to place leaflets re­quest­ing more con­sid­er­ate park­ing on ve­hi­cles caus­ing an ob­struc­tion or dam­age to grass verges.

Ob­struc­tive and dam­ag­ing park­ing is just oneof many as­pects of anti-so­cial be­hav­iour which se­nior po­lice of­fi­cers con­sider it is no longer their duty to con­trol.

You re­ported in the same is­sue that the po­lice de­cided that a man liv­ing in a van and us­ing a chil­dren’s play area as a lava­tory was not com­mit­ting an of­fence.

A few days ago I told two po­lice of­fi­cers in Cat­tle Mar­ket Road that three young men were sit­ting on a bench in Stan­ley Re­cre­ation Ground 1 50 yards away drink­ing al­co­hol with empty cans and bot­tles strewn around them. This is a des­ig­nated no drink­ing area and the of­fi­cers said they would look into it.

Fif­teen min­utes later the same young men were still there drink­ing undis­turbed and had been joined by four more.

The next day I phoned the coun­cil to ask that at least the large amount of cans and bot­tles in the re­cre­ation ground should be cleared away and to con­firm that it was a des­ig­nated no drink­ing area.

In re­ply I have been told that this is the case but un­less a dis­tur­bance is tak­ing place it is not con­sid­ered to be an­ti­so­cial be­hav­iour so no ac­tion will be taken.

Se­nior po­lice and coun­cil of­fi­cials may well live in ar­eas more salu­bri­ous than Peter­bor­ough has be­come, but they need to un­der­stand that there are many coun­cil-tax pay­ing res­i­dents like me who have had enough of watch­ing their en­vi­ron­ment be­ing de­graded.

I n this re­spect we are not be­ing well served by th­ese hand­somely-paid of­fi­cials.

It is high time they ad­justed their pri­or­i­ties and put the rights of re­spectable cit­i­zens be­fore those they have con­structed for the anti-so­cial mi­nor­ity.

David Len­nox Peter­bor­ough

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