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Tributes have been pour­ing in for for­mer leader of Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil Neville San­ders and the gen­eral gist is “they don’t make ’em like that any more.’’

Whether you were in his cor­ner or not, it is un­de­ni­able he was a huge pres­ence on the city’s po­lit­i­cal scene

Nev, as he was al­ways re­ferred to in the Peter­bor­ough Tele­graph news­room, was in charge of the coun­cil when I joined the pa­per.

He had a few run-ins with the pa­per but for a jour­nal­ist he was gold dust. Never one to duck an is­sue he spoke his mind and gave the im­pres­sion he didn’t care whether peo­ple agreed with him or not.

Most of the time I didn’t (agree with him, that is) but there was no doubt he had the com­mon touch and of­ten said out loud what the man on the Flet­ton om­nibus was think­ing.

Fel­low Tory, MP Stew­art Jackson in a warm trib­ute to Cllr San­ders cred­its him with giv­ing him the con­fi­dence to speak his mind.

So that’s an­other black mark for Nev (only jok­ing, Stew­art).

I re­mem­ber the time when a young reporter wrote a story in which Mr San­ders was quoted and wrongly re­ferred to him as the Labour leader of the coun­cil.

When the pa­per came out the mor­ti­fied reporter re­alised straight away the clanger she’d dropped.

In a panic she came to see me about what to do.

“Well,’’ I said, “the first thing is to ring him and fess up and then we’ll take it from there.’’

About half an hour later I wan­dered into the news­room and saw her laugh­ing and jok­ing. “Did you ring Nev?’’ I asked.

She smiled: “He just burst out laugh­ing. He thought it was the fun­ni­est thing he’d heard in ages.’’

Let me know when they start mak­ing ‘em like that again.

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