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Some peo­ple have sug­gested that Vin­ney King who dis­armed a man bran­dish­ing two fear­some look­ing knives, (pic­tured) who was run­ning along Granville Street, should be awarded a medal. I wouldn’t ar­gue with that. Mind you I wouldn’t ar­gue with a man wav­ing two knives ei­ther. Mr King is cer­tainly a very brave man and he shrugged off his ac­tions by say­ing: “There were women and chil­dren around and I’ve got a wife and kids and I just did what I’d ex­pect any man in that sit­u­a­tion to do.’’ Ad­mirable sen­ti­ments, but I’m pretty cer­tain if I’d have been in Mr King’s sit­u­a­tion I wouldn’t have done what he did. Per­haps that makes me a cow­ard but if it does I can live with that. Live is the key word be­cause if I acted like that and ended up los­ing my life as a re­sult my wife and chil­dren would have been proud of me, but they would also have been very an­gry with me.

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