A47 road­works are just un­bear­able say res­i­dents

A ma­jor road widen­ing scheme on the Pas­ton Park­way is caus­ing or­na­ments to shake and is mak­ing as much noise as a lawn mower a Peter­bor­ough cou­ple told Joel Lamy.

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Acou­ple have de­scribed the “un­bear­able” noise com­ing from nearby road­works which they have recorded as be­ing as loud as a lawn­mower.

Pamela Al ding ton and Dick Hughes of Hare­bell Close, which lies next to Junc­tion 20 of the Pas­ton Park­way, even had to leave their home be­cause of the bang­ing and crash­ing go­ing on a short dis­tance away.

The re­tired cou­ple have been us­ing a noise mon­i­tor at their home which they say has mea­sured up to 90 deci­bels, com­pa­ra­ble to the noise made by a lawn­mower or food blender.

Ms Ald­ing­ton ( 62) said: “They’ve cut down half the tree belt. The vi­bra­tion is ter­ri­ble, it fright­ens the dog. It’s like an earthquake.

“I t’s sum­mer but who would want to sit out in ef­fec­tively a build­ing site? We keep the pa­tio doors shut but I like my fresh air.

“The vi­bra­tions are much worse than the noise. It’s ratt ling or­na­ments and our neigh­bours have had to put stuff away. We have got a noise mon­i­tor and it’s 65 to 90 deci­bels at its worst.

“The bucket on the dig­ger, when it goes down it re­ally bangs when we are not ex­pect­ing it. Two Fri­days ago I just said ‘I’ve had enough, I’m go­ing out’.

“It’s one thing go­ing out be­cause you want to, but an­other when you’re forced to.”

Ms Ald­ing­ton claimed that a baby in a neigh­bour­ing prop­erty was also be­ing wo­ken up by the noise.

Her part­ner, Mr Hughes (72) said two Fri­days ago the noise and vi­bra­tions were “un­bear­able,” although he ac­knowl­edged that the prob­lem had abated a lit­tle since then.

He added: “We did not know what we were in for. They start at half seven in the morn­ing bang­ing and crash­ing, and it goes on all day un­til half past four or five.”

The road­works at the A47/ A15 Dogsthorpe in­ter­change have caused long de­lays for mo­torists since they be­gan in July.

There have been long queues back to­wards Th or ney and heavy traf­fic through Eye and on the A1139.

Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil in­sists that in­creas­ing the num­ber of lanes ap­proach­ing and on the round­about from two to three in both di­rec­tions, and in­stalling traf­fic lights, is nec­es­sary with 1,500 homes to be built at the nearby Pas­ton Re­serve.

The coun­cil also de­cided to do the ma­jor­ity of works dur­ing the day in­stead of the evening to “lessen the im­pact on nearby res­i­dents.”

The works are due to con­tinue un­til Spring 2017. Mr Hughes, though, be­lieves ex­pand­ing Eye Road to pro­vide lor­ries a bet­ter route onto the A16 would have been bet­ter.

Andy Tatt, head of Peter­bor­ough High­way Ser­vices for the coun­cil, apol­o­gised for the dis­rup­tion but said the cur­rent works were es­sen­tial.

He added: “We are dig­ging into the em­bank­ment to make way for the ex­tra lane which will even­tu­ally re­duce con­ges­tion at this im­por­tant junc­tion. This as­pect of the project is due to be com­pleted by the mid­dle of Septem­ber, at which point the works will move to an­other area which is not as close to nearby prop­er­ties and there­fore noise lev­els should re­duce for th­ese res­i­dents.

“Our roads were not built for the level of growth that we are dueto ex­pe­ri­ence over the next 10 years and there­fore we have no op­tion other than to im­prove this al­ready busy junc­tion.

“If we didn’t, within a few years res­i­dents and road users could be faced with traf­fic grid­lock at peak times of the day.”

The coun­cil es­ti­mates the cost of the scheme will be£6.3 mil­lion which is cov­ered by a grant from the Greater Cam­bridge Greater Peter­bor­ough Lo­cal En­ter­prise Part­ner­ship.

Asked if com­pen­sa­tion could be given to fam­i­lies af­fected by the works, a coun­cil spokes­woman said: “We have a statu­tory duty to al­ter, main­tain or add to the high­way.

“This is not a case of neg­li­gence or nui­sance on the coun­cil’s part so we would not be un­der any obli­ga­tion to compensate for the noise.”

The road­works will last a year.

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