Let the net close in on bur­glars

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Afew years ago I re­mem­ber a pair of broth­ers who car­ried out an armed rob­bery at a rail­way sta­tion in Lon­don. When they stole the money they also de­manded the video from the CCTV cam­eras. They hadn’t both­ered to wear masks as th­ese broth­ers al­ways took the tape with them. It was what they al­ways had done. The only thing was a few years had passed since their last rob­bery and hav­ing just been re­leased from prison, tech­nol­ogy had moved on and the footage was now dig­i­tally recorded and stored re­motely. There was no video tape to take. Back they went to prison for an­other stretch.

Home CCTV can be a very use­ful tool. It has in­creas- in­gly come down in price and whereas th­ese were out of most peo­ple’s range a few years ago, as tech­nol­ogy moves on, small, in­ex­pen­sive cam­eras can now be pur­chased that pro­duce a re­ally good im­age.

Just a few weeks ago I smiled as I stood in the Bur­glary Squad of­fice watch­ing one of the de­tec­tives play­ing some CCTV he’d just been handed by the vic­tim of bur­glary. The bur­glary had hap­pened in the early hours yet the pic­ture was clear as day. There was the bur­glar, bold as brass, look­ing straight through the win­dow of the house he was about to break into and, un­be­known to him, straight into the small se­cu­rity cam­era the home­owner had in­stalled. By the time he smashed the win­dow it was far too late – the footage had been stored re­motely in ‘the Cloud’ and it wasn’t long be­fore he was sit­ting in a cell in Thorpe Wood.

And quite of­ten it hasn’t even been the house­holder’s cam­era that caught the of­fender in the act, some­times even the neigh­bour has caught them pass­ing by. CCTV and cam­eras are a re­al­ity now and bur­glars don’t like them – they aren’t as ob­vi­ous as they used to be and they don’t know when they might get caught in the act

quick trawl of the in­ter­net shows there are a wide range on sale both in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal ones. I know bur­glars don’t like them and I know of bur­glars who are in prison now be­cause of them. So if you do have one, make sure you know how it works and that it is switched on.

I know some in­surance com­pa­nies ask if you have CCTV in­stalled when quot quot­ing for house­hold in­surance.

Whilst the num­ber of bur­glar­ies in Peter­bor­ough is com­ing down, we can all still do our bit to beat the bur­glar and make them think twice.

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