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Re the ar­ti­cle in the Peter­bor­oughTele­graphabou­ta­trader sell­ing coun­ter­feit shoe­satmy Big Boot car boot sale in Wellington Street, Peter­bor­ough.

Firstly: it has been proved in a Bri­tish court of law that a mar­ket is a con­course of five stalls and more, re­gard­less of whether sell­ing sec­ond hand goods or new­goods, there­fore thereisnod­if­fer­ence­be­tween a car boot and a mar­ket.

Se­condly: my web­site, www. bizzy­boot­ and ban­ner states pro­hib­ited goods that are not al­lowed to be sold on the car boot and coun­ter­feit goods are on the list.

It also states on­my­web­site that in ad­di­tion to buy­ers vis­it­ing the car boot, so do Trad­ing Stan­dards and Po­lice, we work with both if we have a prob­lem.

I was to­tally un­aware of coun­ter­feit goods be­ing sold andin­dee­dun­less­they­w­ereof ex­treme­ly­poorqual­ity(which Trad­ingS­tan­dard­sstat­edthey were very good qual­ity) I and thou­sandsmore­like­me­would not know the dif­fer­ence.

Thirdly: I am a re­spected lo­cal busi­ness­man, pay my way and have no debts, I have been run­ning many suc­cess­ful busi­nesses for the last 30 years, cof­fee shop in Stam­ford, Wir­rina car park, car boot sales for nearly 30 years (in Fe­bru­ary) and I take offence to one of the com­ments be­ing­made: that I amas­badas the mar­ket trader.

Per­haps just as quickly as some of your read­ers have “hung, drawn and quar­tered” me through their ig­no­rance, they could be just as quick to apol­o­gise to me Tony Da­lessio Peter­bor­ough

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