Di­ary Of A Bad Dad

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Ihave to ad­mit that some­times I get sick of my chil­dren... lit­er­ally. The lit­tle crit­ters are al­ways bring­ing home un­wanted snif­fles and tummy trou­bles. A new sur­vey reck­ons that mums on av­er­age get sick 18 times a year and most of that can be traced di­rectly back to their kids.

Dads suf­fer too although the sur­vey also re­vealed that 72 per cent of women reckon they cope bet­ter with ill­ness than their part­ner.

More than half of par­ents end up ar­gu­ing be­cause one of them bat­tles on when they are ill while the other stops and needs to be looked after (the bells are ring­ing so hard in­side my head that I think I might have to go and lie down for a bit!).

The sur­vey help­fully adds some ad­vice for avoid­ing get­ting ill although it doesn’t in­clude Mrs T’s top tip which is to pull the du­vet off me, put her face in mine and yell ‘man up!’

She can talk (shout) with her 18 ill­nesses a year. I’m only poorly once a year... it starts in Oc­to­ber and I’m fully re­cov­ered by the end of March!

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