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In the words of Ben El­ton (where is he now?) we had a “lit­tle bit of pol­i­tics’’ in the PT last week. As our in­trepid re­porter Joel was high­tail­ing it to West­min­ster to cover Ste­wart Jack­son’s de­bate on the St Michael’s Gate de­ba­cle, Labour leader Jeremy Cor­byn was head­ing the other way to Peter­bor­ough to re­launch his Labour lead­er­ship.

Nei­ther were prob­a­bly par­tic­u­larly happy with the out­come. Hous­ing min­is­ter Gavin Bar­well lis­tened sym­pa­thet­i­cally and then pro­ceeded to give his back­ing to land­lords to treat ten­ants like dirt.

Jezza mean­while got his pre­dictable maul­ing after chang­ing his mind more times than a teenage girl de­cid­ing what to wear on her first date.

Our MP Ste­wart Jack­son played a part in both sto­ries. Be­fore Mr Cor­byn had found his seat on the 10.11 from Kings Cross, Mr Jack­son was is­su­ing a pre-emp­tive “get your scoot­ers off my lawn’’ and de­manded the Labour leader apol­o­gise for record im­mi­gra­tion dur­ing Labour’s last gov­ern­ment.

It’s an in­ter­est­ing idea of Ste­wart’s that politi­cians should apol­o­gise for failed pol­icy, but I’m not sure how they’d find time to run the coun­try if they did.

Ste­wart him­self was apolo­getic to the St Michael’s Gate res­i­dents in his de­bate say­ing: “I feel very bad about what has hap­pened. I apol­o­gise to my con­stituents that I could not do more to help them.’’

Sorry it seems is not the hard­est word for Ste­wart. Sadly his Tory col­leagues on Peter­bor­ough City Coun­cil don’t seem to share his feel­ings .

All they can do is bleat on that they had no choice but to sign the dis­grace­ful deal that toi­leted lives at a stroke of a pen.

Mean­while Mr Cor­byn waded into the row say­ing: “What they (the city coun­cil) have done is sold off coun­cil houses to a pri­vate com­pany, that surely can­not be the right thing to do.’’

The hap­less Mr C was badly briefed and just plain wrong.

Pre­dictably, the city coun­cil quickly jumped in to have a pop at the bum­bling op­po­si­tion leader.

But the Tories on the city coun­cil would be well ad­vised to keep their col­lec­tive head down on this one or, and here’s a good idea, they could say sorry.

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