Man tied mum up in raid

Po­lice praise brav­ery of chil­dren caught up in rob­bery af­ter Steven Arthurs is locked up for 12 years

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - News - By Stephen Briggs stephen.briggs@pe­ter­bor­oughto­ Twit­ter:@PTstephenB 01733 588734

A rob­ber who tied up a mother and forced young chil­dren to hand over cash and jew­ellery in a ter­ri­fy­ing raid has been jailed for 12 years. Nteven Arth”rs, (25), of NAlt­mArsh, Or­ton MAlBorne, knoCked on the door of the prop­erty ffn Crown Ntreet, PeterBoro”!h ffn OC­to­Ber lAst yeAr, tellffn! the resff­dent he hAdCome­toCleAn­theCAr­pets.

When the womAn sAffd she hAd not Ar­rAn!ed Any CleAnffn!, Arth”rs p”shed hffs wAy pAst her And ffnto the home.

He told the womAn to sfft down, And p”t d”Ct tApe on her mo”th And ro” nd her wrff­sts.

He then took her Chf­fl­dren, A!ed fo”r And sffx, ”pstAf­frs to Ask them where the money And jew­ellery were kept.

The C hff l dren of f e re d Arth” rs theffr sAvffn! s ffn A p”rple Box. He Contffn”ed to ffn­terro!Ate the fAmffly And mAde threAts to h”rt the Chf­fl­dren Be­fore rAn­sACkffn! the ”pstAf­frs of the prop­erty.

He !ot AwAy wffth CAsh And jew­ellery, fle­effn! the sCene ffn AwhfftevAnAlon! wffthlooko”t mAn Kevffn NhArpe.

Thro”!ho”t the or­deAl, Arth” rs hAd Been lookffn! o”t the wffn­dow And CheCkffn! wffth hffs ACCom­plf­fCe to mAke s”re the CoAst wAs CleAr.

A:er the twom­e­nesCAped from the sCene, the womAn mAnA!ed to !et her el­dest Chf­fld to CAll 999 for help.

Nhe wAs tAken to hospfftAl AndtreAt­ed­forB”rns­fromthe tApe And A nose Bleed.

Polf­fCe prAffsed the BrAv­ery of the yo”n!sters, who­helped emer!enCy servf­fCes Ar­rf­fve At the sCene q”ffCkly.

On FrffdAy Arth” rs wAs loCked ”pfor12yeArsAtPeterBoro”!hCrownCo”rt A:erhe pleAded !”fflty to roB­Bery And fAlse ffm­prff­son­ment ffn Con- neCtf­fon wffth the rAffd,whf­fCh hAp­pened At ABo”t 9.45Am on OC­to­Ber 25.

NhArpe (32) of BArry WAlk, PeterBoro”!h, pleAded !”fflty to one Co”nt of B”r!lAry. He wAs sen­tenCed to 18 months ffn jAffl for hffs role.

DeteCtf­fve In­speC­tor MoB HAll, who ffn­vestff!Ated the Crffme for CAmBrffd!es­hf­fre polf­fCe, sAffd sffmf­flAr of­fenCes ffn PeterBoro”!h were rAre.

HewelComedthe­sen­tenCe, And sAffd: “Thffs wAs A pArtffC” l Arly nAsty Crffme where the vf­fCtffm wAs tffed ”p ffn her home­wffth­h­eryo”n! Chf­fl­dren present.

“I wo”ld lf­fke to Com­mend theffr BrAv­ery And the CAlm meAs”red­wAytheyspokewffth the999op­erA­tor­whf­fCh­meAnt of­fiCer­sCo”ldAt­tendthesCene q”ffCkly.

“CAses s”Ch As thffs Are thAnkf” l l y rAre ff n PeterBoro”! h B”t the sen­tenCe re­fleCts the serffo”sness ffn whf­fCh Crffmes s”Ch As these Are vf­fewed.”

Steven Arthurs and Kevin Sharpe (inset) who have been jailed

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