CArEr Al­lowED hus­BAnD to ABusE womAn

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A carer who al­lowed her hus­band and col­league to phys­i­cally and ver­bally abuse a bed-bound woman suf­fer­ing from de­men­tia and Alzheimer’s has been given a sus­pended sen­tence. Deb­o­rah Camp­bell (57) of Ill­ston Place, Peterborough, worked with her hus­band, Mau­rice look­ing af­ter the 85-year-old woman last year.

CCTV footage recorded by the vic­tim’s fam­ily showed Mau­rice Camp­bell twist­ing her wrist and fin­gers, putting his body weight on her stom­ach as she tried to drink and force­fully ram­ming an ob­ject into her mouth in an ef­fort to make her take tablets.

Mau­rice (56) was jailed for 28 months in Novem­ber.

Deb­o­ra­hap­peare­datPeter­bor­ough Crown Court where Judge Sean En­right was told a psy­cho­log­i­cal re­port showed she had the men­tal age of a nine to twelve year old child.

JudgeEn­right­said­be­cause of her men­tal ca­pac­ity, she should never have been em­ployed as a carer in the first place.

She­was­give­na38week­jail sen­tence, sus­pended for two years, an­dordered­to­car­ry­out 120 hours of un­paid work.

Bennedict Peers, pros­e­cut­ing, said: “She was not in­volved in com­mit­ting any ac­tual as­sault. The crown’s case is she did noth­ing to stop what was hap­pen­ing, and did noth­ing to re­port it.”

Charles Kel­lett, de­fend­ing, said: “The psy­cho­log­i­cal re­port shows she has a low gen­eral IQ, and a has the men­tal age of some­one aged be­tween nine and 12.”

Mr Kel­lett added:” She is sug­gestible, and­would­seekto try and­con­ceal­herown­short­com­ings- whicharenotofher own mak­ing.”

Judge En­right said: “Your role was fail­ing to re­port or stop the be­hav­iour of your code­fen­dant. He has a strong per­son­al­ity andy­ouw­erebent to his will.”

“Youoc­cu­pieda­po­si­tionof trust - it was­no­ta­po­si­tionyou weree­quipped­for- youshould not have been em­ployed in this role.”

Both Mau­rice and Deb­o­rah Camp­bell pleaded guilty to onecountofill-treat­ing and wil­fully ne­glect­ingth­e­woman at a hear­ing last year

Deb­o­rah Camp­bell ar­rives at Peterborough Crown Court on Thurs­day

Mau­rice Camp­bell

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