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RE: @Fion­aO­nasanyaMP On my Maiden Speech, more women in par­lia­ment and what mat­ters for #Peter­bor­ough: I voted for you to try to stop the Tories de­struc­tive hard Brexit, now Labour look set to back them all the way and I’m an­gry. All your won­der­ful so­cial poli­cies con­tained in the Labour man­i­festo are un­achiev­able if Brexit goes ahead. Disin­gen­u­ous to say other­wise. @Caz­za­Caz63

I don’t get why MP’s are still in de­nial about how bad Brexit re­ally is for the coun­try and just

meekly go along with it. @ Tele_Marigold

The ‘will of the peo­ple’ was an opin­ion poll and opin­ions change - peo­ple are re­al­is­ing there’s no such thing as a ‘de­cent’ brexit. @Cristi­naJ19

Its an MP’S duty to do the best thing for their coun­try. Brexit is an un­mit­i­gated disas­ter wait­ing to hap­pen. Please op­pose this mad­ness. @Mthep­alace­fan What’s your view? Tweet us @pe­ter­bor­ough­tel

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