Costs of re­plac­ing coun­cil staff

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Re your ar­ti­cle of July 27 about the new su­per mayor and his staff.

As some­one whose money will go to pay for the mil­lion pound an­nual bill may I ask what hap­pens to the ex­ist­ing staff who are cur­rently run­ning both Peter­bor­ough and the county?

I am all in favour of just one sin­gle author­ity cov­er­ing the en­tire patch but adding over the top of the ex­ist­ing ad­min­is­tra­tion an­other layer of ad­min­is­tra­tion makes no sense at all, it will sim­ply add cost and con­fu­sion.

If we re­place the ex­ist­ing staff, then that will cost mon- ey to pay for them to go.

Hope­fully the ex­ist­ing staff have at least some idea of what they are do­ing and the prob­lems they face, one may doubt it at times but with some de­cent Cler­i­cal As­sis­tants run­ning the fil­ing sys­tem one must at least hope so.

The new crew will pre­sum­ably start from scratch or are we hav­ing the civil ser­vice idea of clos­ing down a depart­ment and sack­ing and pay­ing off all its staff only to take them back into the sup­posed new or­gan­ion at an en­hanced salary?

One can of course think that with its con­stant news cov­er­age we are now be­ing sub­jected to some Trum­p­land-type man­age­ment where con­fu­sion and staff change are a con­stant thing.

Phil Pumphrey Thorpe Lea Road


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