‘The truth about EDL myths’

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph - - SPEAKER’SCORNER - Ab­dul Muquad­das Choud­huri, Chair­man Faizan e Mad­i­nah Peter­bor­ough­his opin­ion af­ter the march.

Aa ex­pected EDL came to Peter­bor­ough on Satur­day to have their third protest march . This group are well known for their un­de­sir­able ac­tiv­i­ties, racial ha­tred and de­stroy­ing the har­mo­nious re­la­tion­ship in the coun­try and in­deed in Peter­bor­ough as they have come here be­fore and left the city in a hu­mil­i­at­ing way as the peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough just ig­nored them.

This time their hu­mil­i­a­tion was even worse than in the pre­vi­ous year as they could muster only a cou­ple of dozen peo­ple and I be­lieve most, if not all of them, were from out­side Peter­bor­ough.

This is the group which was de­scribed by for­mer Prime Min­is­ter David Cameron in 2010 as ‘ter­ri­ble peo­ple who in­cite ha­tred’.

It goes without say­ing that al­most 100 per cent de­cent minded peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough from all com­mu­ni­ties detest their views and we hope the hu­mil­i­a­tion will de­ter them from com­ing back to Peter­bor­ough.

It would have been bet­ter if there was no counter protest march as was de­cided by the Joint Mosque Group which did not par­tic­i­pate.

Ev­ery­one has the right in a demo­cratic so­ci­ety to march peace­fully on the is­sues which con­cern the peo­ple and present the true facts and seek their help to re­solve the is­sues. But the EDL march is nei­ther peace­ful nor con­cern­ing the most de­cent peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough. EDL’s tac­tics are to pro­voke peo­ple and cre­ate vi­o­lence and get in to me­dia head­lines.


EDL myth 1- three tri­als took place in Peter­bor­ough and that they are go­ing to speak against “rape ji­had”

Re­sponse. This is NOT the true pic­ture. Mus­lim men were not the only cul­prits, there were peo­ple of other re­li­gions as well. Nev­er­the­less their ac­tions were most dis­grace­ful, shame­ful and non Is­lamic.

The Mus­lim com­mu­nity in Peter­bor­ough was the first to con­demn in the strong­est terms their evil ac­tions and de­manded that such peo­ple should be pun­ished most se­verely. All these peo­ple were given very long sen­tences-- to­talling over 100 years - and they de­serve ev­ery minute of that sen­tence.

The fam­i­lies and the com­mu­nity have dis­owned these peo­ple.

This is the first time I have heard the term “rape ji­had”. Only a twisted minded per­son can cre­ate such a term. Rape is a most heinous crime whereas Ji­had is some­thing you fight against evil.

Let me show EDL an­other pic­ture. Re­mem­ber Jimmy Sav­ile and many other high pro­file peo­ple, some of them linked with churches, and their evil ac­tions against most vul­ner­a­ble peo­ple in­clud­ing young boys and girls, some of which goes back years and years in his­tory. Even a for­mer prime min­is­ter would have been in­ter­viewed un­der cau­tion had he been still alive over al­leged child sex abuse.

This re­port was com­piled by po­lice at the cost of sev­eral mil­lion pounds of tax pay­ers’ money. What was the na­tion­al­ity and re­li­gion of the cul­prits?

We have not seen EDL march­ing against all such peo­ple be­cause this or­gan­i­sa­tion is sim­ply anti Mus­lims, anti Is­lam. On the other hand, un­like them we be­lieve the ac­tions of such a small mi­nor­ity of peo­ple has noth­ing to do with the great re­li­gion of Chris­tian­ity, or de­cent English peo­ple, as crim­i­nals have no re­li­gion.


EDL myth 2. “Dozens of women have been iden­ti­fied as be­ing vic­tims of FGM in Peter­bor­ough in 2017 ac­cord­ing to lo­cal me­dia” and that “there has been no pros­e­cu­tions”.

Re­sponse - Again un­true. FGM is a non-Is­lamic prac­tice and such prac­tices take place in some of the African coun­tries. Is­lam does not al­low FGM. Un­like your or­gan­i­sa­tion, we have full faith in Bri­tish po­lice and the ju­di­ciary of this coun­try, both of these in­sti­tu­tions are sec­ond to none in the world.

If the po­lice have any ev­i­dence of such crim­i­nal ac­tiv­i­ties tak­ing place in Peter­bor­ough, no doubt they will bring such peo­ple to jus­tice. They do not need peo­ple like you to come to Peter­bor­ough and tell them to do their jobs. Our un­der­stand­ing is that ac­cord­ing to the NHS, such ac­tiv­i­ties took place out­side the UK.


EDL myth 3. “There have been two re­cent as­saults on English lads by group of Mus­lims in Yax­ley and de­mand free­dom from bul­ly­ing for English lads”.

Re­sponse. Again an un­true al­le­ga­tion .There has been no men­tion in the lo­cal press that the gang of 30 were Asians, let alone Mus­lims and the same story ap­peared the lo­cal press the fol­low­ing day again not men­tion­ing that the al­leged at­tack­ers were Mus­lims.

I know full well the Cam­bridgeshire Con­stab­u­lary and its se­niors of­fi­cer, and know how they op­er­ate and work with all the peo­ple and all the com­mu­ni­ties and they do not need lec­tures from peo­ple like the EDL who have noth­ing to do with Peter­bor­ough or the de­cent peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough.

Do you know how many Mus­lim boys and girls, women and men are bul­lied in schools, col­leges and other places and how many have been phys­i­cally as­saulted? The Mus­lim com­mu­ni­ties do not go on protest demon­stra­tion in Peter­bor­ough as we have full faith in the po­lice to han­dle the sit­u­a­tion. It was also re­ported how the wor­ship­pers of Faizan e Mad­i­nah Mosque helped the po­lice to ar­rest the drug deal­ing peo­ple in the area . Be­cause of wor­shipers they were all con­victed and po­lice were full of praise for Mus­lim peo­ple.


EDL myth 4. Since March till Septem­ber 2017, 34 peo­ple have been killed and some 377 wounded by “Is­lamic” ter­ror­ists.

Re­sponse. Yes, it is a most de­spi­ca­ble act to kill even a sin­gle per­son let alone the fig­ure be­ing men­tioned. The teach­ing of Is­lam clearly states that to kill a sin­gle in­no­cent per­son is equal to killing all mankind. Here again Mus­lims were the first to con­demn acts of any kind of ter­ror­ism and stated time and again that such peo­ple should be pun­ished.

The wor­shipers at Faizan e Mad­i­nah Mosque im­me­di­ately raised £1000 for the vic­tims of the Manch­ester at­tack and other Mus­lim or­gan­i­sa­tions raised thou­sands of pounds for the vic­tims. What was EDL’s con­tri­bu­tion?

What will you call that guy Stephen Pad­dock in Las Ve­gas who killed 58 peo­ple and in­jured more than 500 in just a few min­utes in a pre planned at­tack? This fig­ure far ex­ceeds the fig­ure you stated in your leaflet. Thus ac­cord­ing to your own think­ing whereas sev­eral “Mus­lim” ter­ror­ist killed 34 peo­ple in 7 months yet a “Christian” ter­ror­ist killed 58 in a few min­utes. That is your think­ing, not mine, as I be­lieve a killer or a crim­i­nal has no re­li­gion.

There has never been any sin­gle act of ter­ror­ism in Peter­bor­ough, yet you have come to Peter­bor­ough to demon­strate against ter­ror­ism.

Let me fi­nally send the EDL a clear mes­sage from the peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough to stay away for­ever from our beau­ti­ful city where peo­ple of all na­tion­al­i­ties, re­li­gions colour and creed are liv­ing in a very peace­ful and har­mo­nious way. Do not dis­rupt our peace. Do not let hun­dreds of thou­sands of pounds of tax­pay­ers money be wasted on po­lice to pro­vide you with pro­tec­tion- money which could be used in many more use­ful ways. Give up your il­log­i­cal way of think­ing and do some­thing good for so­ci­ety where peo­ple will ap­pre­ci­ate your good deeds. Learn some­thing from those sev­eral hun­dred non-Mus­lim peo­ple -young, old , male ,fe­males who visit our Mosques ev­ery month and at­tend our sem­i­nars, con­fer­ences and open days.

Just look at the con­tri­bu­tion the Mus­lim peo­ple are mak­ing for the well­be­ing of Peter­bor­ough by gen­er­at­ing money and em­ploy­ment be­ing cre­ated by Mus­lim busi­ness peo­ple, pro­vid­ing the ser­vices to NHS, schools, and many other fields.

Ask the po­lice, the lo­cal author­i­ties, the churches, the schools , col­leges and other in­sti­tu­tions how the Mosques of Peter­bor­ough and Mus­lim com­mu­ni­ties are work­ing closely for the bet­ter­ment of all peo­ple of Peter­bor­ough.

Do not look on the crim­i­nal ac­tiv­i­ties of a few peo­ple which are in ev­ery so­ci­ety in­clud­ing your own or­gan­i­sa­tion. If your or­gan­i­sa­tion is called “English De­fence” then be­have like true English gen­tle­men and go to the de­fence of the coun­try by join­ing the armed forces, and live up to your name.

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