No man­date for Greens’ sup­port

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SIR, – With due re­gard to the Greens’ po­si­tion as a sup­porter of the SNP ref­er­en­dum pro­posal I se­ri­ously ques­tion their demo­cratic man­date as this is nei­ther in the spirit or let­ter of their pub­lished man­i­festo.

The Greens man­i­festo was quite spe­cific. “If a new ref­er­en­dum is to hap­pen, it should come about by the will of the peo­ple, and not be driven by cal­cu­la­tions of party political ad­van­tage.”

It is very clear the mi­nor­ity SNP gov­ern­ment are seek­ing to take ad­van­tage of the sit­u­a­tion at a time of great un­cer­tainty be­fore the Brexit out­come has been re­solved.

The Greens have also ad­vo­cated that 1mil­lion names on a pe­ti­tion could be the trig­ger for an­other in­de­pen­dence ref­er­en­dum. I am not aware that such a pe­ti­tion ex­ists.

The SNP have been quite vo­cal about their man­date at 46.5% of the Scot­tish con­stituency vote. If you col­lec­tively com­bine all the union­ist vote it to­tals 1,194,343 but if you com­bine the SNP with all the sep­a­ratist vote it only to­tals 1,073,069. Even con­sid­er­ing the pref­er­ence votes the sep­a­ratists do not have a ma­jor­ity. It should be noted that turnout was very poor at about only 55.6%.

It is worth re­mem­ber­ing what the turnout was in the 2014 Ref­er­en­dum at 84.6%. David Philip, Knock­hall

Way, New­burgh

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