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t’s Jan­uary. It’s detox sea­son. Ev­ery­one I know is hav­ing a dry month or try­ing to make up for the ex­cesses of Christ­mas. I’m sure aliens would have a real laugh if they were to visit us. We get to­tally hyped up about Christ­mas, spend a for­tune on presents, many of which are un­wanted and will be re­turned to shops by now or end up in the lo­cal char­ity shop, and then we spend the next cou­ple of months hard up be­cause we have spent all our money. Not only that, we are de­pressed be­cause we ate and drank far too much and we now have to sur­vive on a let­tuce leaf and cel­ery for the next month to fit back into our clothes. We could of course buy new clothes, but we can’t be­cause we spent all our money at Christ­mas. I imag­ine these lit­tle aliens laugh­ing at us like they did in the Smash ad­vert. Do you re­mem­ber that? They were mak­ing fun of us mak­ing tatties. “They peel them with their metal knives. Then they smash them all to bits. For mash get Smash!” They would now be say­ing why don’t they just cut down on the presents? Why don’t they just have one box of choco­lates and one bot­tle of wine? Gor­don is one of the new year, new you con­verts. We watched a diet pro­gramme on TV which talked about the mer­its of each one. He de­cided that the one for him was the 16:8 diet. The idea is that we should fast for longer be­fore we break the fast, so break­fast, as we know it, is later in the day. In other words, he fasts for 16 hours then eats dur­ing the other 8. He eats healthily but diet as such. He goes to work and then has his break­fast at 11am and then makes sure he has din­ner by 7pm. He then has noth­ing else un­til the next morn­ing at 11am. Af­ter the first week he has al­ready lost 10lbs so it seems to be work­ing very well. I don’t know if I could do I’m al­ways ready for my not a it, por­ridge as soon as I get up. Speak­ing of reg­u­lar eat­ing pat­terns, our new cat seems to know ex­actly when it’s time for her meals. She is fit­ting in bril­liantly, it’s as if she is just part of the fam­ily now. She cer­tainly rules the roost, get­ting the best po­si­tion on the sofa ev­ery night and me­ow­ing to re­mind us when she wants some­thing. What a life cats have. I’m rush­ing around do­ing the house­work, cook­ing din­ner and work­ing and she barely lifts her head up off her mat. Maybe it’s all the house­hold pets not the aliens who are hav­ing a laugh at us. It’s prob­a­bly a bit like the film Toy Story when all the toys come alive. All the cats are prob­a­bly phon­ing their friends as soon as we go to bed say­ing “did you see This Morn­ing to­day? My owner was meant to be watch­ing it but she was far too busy Hoover­ing so I watched it by my­self.” The good thing about dry Jan­uary and ev­ery­one watch­ing the pen­nies is hope­fully ev­ery­one is stay­ing in on Satur­day nights and watch­ing Let Shine on BBC1. Let me know what your thoughts were? @yviebur­nett if you are on Twit­ter. As you know, in TV it’s all about the view­ing fig­ures. The new ITV Voice was also on Satur­day and the view­ing fig­ures for the two shows were very close. Let It Shine man­aged to pull in more view­ers but who knows in the weeks to come which show will be the more suc­cess­ful. I keep think­ing I will be out of a job and singing shows won’t be on TV any more, but we still seem to be switching them on ev­ery Satur­day night. There is lots of ex­cit­ing stuff hap­pen­ing on Let It Shine in the next few weeks, so keep watch­ing. It’s back on again tonight and is lots of fun right from the very first per­for­mance. Hope you en­joy it. Have a good week. Yvie x that It

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