Mur­derer sues after jail takes sex aid

Le­gal: Brute wants his Xbox back too

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A NO­TO­RI­OUS race-hate killer is su­ing his prison gov­er­nor – to get back his sex aid and a con­fis­cated games con­sole.

Vi­cious thug Im­ran “Baldy” Shahid is serv­ing a min­i­mum 25 years at HMP Grampian for lead­ing the bru­tal gang mur­der of Glas­gow teen Kriss Don­ald in 2004.

But he is up­set that the au­thor­i­ties have taken away the pe­nis pump he says is a med­i­cal ne­ces­sity be­cause Vi­a­gra is caus­ing him “se­ri­ous” side ef­fects.

And he is de­mand­ing the re­turn of an Xbox 360 – or £3,000 in com­pen­sa­tion – which was taken away in case he could use it to ac­cess the in­ter­net.

Shahid ar­rived at Peter­head Civil Court yes­ter­day armed with a copy of the prison rules to back his le­gal ac­tion.

A lawyer for the gov­er­nor dis­missed the claims how­ever, in­sist­ing the pump was “not med­i­cally nec­es­sary”.

Con­ser­va­tive jus­tice spokesman Liam Kerr said peo­ple would be “dis­gusted” by the le­gal ac­tion.

The gang’s 15-year-old vic­tim – tar­geted purely for the colour of his skin – was snatched off the streets be­fore be­ing stabbed 13 times and set on fire.

Shahid was trans­ferred to the north-east su­per­jail to see out his life sen­tence after a se­ries of vi­o­lent in­ci­dents at other pris­ons around the coun­try.

A bru­tal mur­derer serv­ing 25 years at a north­east prison has taken its gov­er­nor to court over al­le­ga­tions that he is be­ing de­nied the use of a sex aid.

Im­ran “Baldy” Shahid, who was locked up in 2004 for the killing of 15-year-old Glas­gow boy Kriss Don­ald, told a sher­iff yes­ter­day that he suf­fered from erec­tile dys­func­tion and needed a pe­nis pump to treat it.

And in a case that crit­ics said “makes a mock­ery of the sys­tem”, the no­to­ri­ous con­vict is also de­mand­ing back a con­fis­cated games con­sole – or £3,000 in com­pen­sa­tion.

The Xbox 360 was taken away in case he used it to gain il­licit ac­cess to the in­ter­net from be­hind bars.

Shahid was the leader of a gang that snatched the teen off the streets be­fore stab­bing him 13 times and set­ting him on fire. Their vic­tim was picked be­cause of the colour of his skin.

Since then, the 39-yearold has spent time in pris­ons across Scot­land and was brought to HMP Grampian in Peter­head fol­low­ing vi­o­lence at fa­cil­i­ties in Perth, Kil­marnock and Saughton.

Yes­ter­day he ap­peared at Peter­head Civil Court for the first stage of his fight to get back the pump.

Shahid – who brought a printed copy of the prison’s rules with him to court – told Sher­iff Robert Dick- son that the jail’s gov­er­nor, Al­lis­ter Pur­die, had no le­gal right to deny him the stim­u­la­tion de­vice.

A med­i­cal pro­fes­sional, he claimed, had ad­vised prison staff that he re­quired the pump as an al­ter­na­tive treat­ment for erec­tile dys­func­tion in 2015. In­stead, he has been re­ly­ing on Vi­a­gra which he says makes him suf­fer “se­ri­ous” side-ef­fects.

“It does not say any- where [in the prison rules] that the gov­er­nor has the right to query that,” he told the court.

“I’m be­ing su­per­seded by a gov­er­nor who has zero med­i­cal ex­pe­ri­ence. They are sim­ply not al­lowed to do that.”

Solic­i­tor Ross Fair­weather, act­ing on be­half of Mr Pur­die, told the sher­iff that it was taken away after a doc­tor queried its need.

“While it may not be a se­cu­rity risk, it is not med­i­cally nec­es­sary,” he said.

He added that it had been sug­gested pro­longed use of the pump could cause harm.

Shahid is also seek­ing to re­coup what he spent on the Xbox 360 and about 100 games while in­side the prison.

He says he bought it after read­ing in a magazine that a com­pany could re­move its in­ter­net ca­pa­bil­i­ties to make it le­gal to use within the jail. When prison staff were later ad­vised that the process could be re­versed, all such con­soles from jails across Scot­land were con­fis­cated.

Mr Fair­weather ex­plained: “If that func­tion can eas­ily be re­versed, then you have a whole bunch of pris­on­ers who can ac­cess the in­ter­net.

“The equip­ment is still at the prison. It is be­ing held in the prison on Shahid’s be­half. They are en­ti­tled by the rules just to dis­pose of it. But re­turn­ing it to Shahid is not an op­tion in my view. He could give it to a fam­ily mem­ber who could sell it, but he’s de­cided not to. He’s ask­ing for pay­ment for some­thing he al­ready has.”

Shahid is now at­tempt­ing to prove that he has no way of re­ac­ti­vat­ing the in­ter­net on the con­sole.

In both cases, Shahid is also at­tempt­ing to in­volve the Scot­tish Prison Ser­vice’s chief ex­ec­u­tive Colin McCon­nell. Dis­cus­sions about the cases will con­tinue in Novem­ber.

Liam Kerr, Scot­tish Con­ser­va­tive jus­tice spokesman, said: “Peo­ple will be dis­gusted that this con­victed killer is able to sue the prison ser­vice for what amounts to an item that he prob­a­bly should never have had in the first place.

“While our jus­tice sys­tem rightly fo­cuses on the need to re­ha­bil­i­tate of­fend­ers, we also have to re­mem­ber jail terms are a pun­ish­ment for crim­i­nal acts.

“Prison is not sup­posed to be pleas­ant and com­fort­able.

“This case makes a mock­ery of the whole sys­tem and, I think most peo­ple would agree, should be thrown out of court.”

“This case makes a mock­ery of the whole sys­tem”

“Most fairminded peo­ple will be out­raged by what they see as a spu­ri­ous claim”

Sadis­tic killer Im­ran Shahid showed no mercy as he en­thu­si­as­ti­cally took part in a racially-mo­ti­vated gang mur­der in which vic­tim Kriss Don­ald, 15, was stabbed mul­ti­ple times and set on fire.

It was an in­fa­mous crime which shocked even the most sea­soned ob­servers. He re­ceived a 25-year sen­tence, but he is now back in court for the most sur­real rea­sons.

Should a north-east sher­iff show mercy after Shahid’s plain­tive and in­dig­nant protest that a prison gov­er­nor has taken his pe­nis pump away?

The mur­derer claims he was al­lowed to use it for erec­tile dys­func­tion, but med­i­cal doubts have since emerged that he does not re­quire the sex aid and that pro­longed use could be dan­ger­ous dur­ing his res­i­dency at HMP Grampian. It is dif­fi­cult to sep­a­rate nat­u­ral re­vul­sion over his crime from his cur­rent ap­peal, but we must try.

The same prison rules and rights ap­ply to him and ev­ery other pris­oner in his cat­e­gory – how­ever dis­gust­ing their crimes. He faced sim­i­lar rules and rights dur­ing his court case, the ev­i­dence was weighed up and a ver­dict reached. A sim­i­lar process ap­pears to have been fol­lowed in prison.

Most fair-minded peo­ple will be out­raged by what they see as a spu­ri­ous claim by a no­to­ri­ous killer at the pub­lic’s ex­pense. Shahid is lucky to be alive and able to pur­sue his in­ter­ests. His vic­tim is not, of

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