Yearn­ing for the Christ­mas of past years


What has hap­pened to Christ­mas have things changed so much? As I joined the mul­ti­tudes do­ing their Christ­mas shop­ping around town the first thing that struck me is the con­tin­u­ous Christ­mas songs blasted at you where ever you go.

Noth­ing against Christ­mas but when was the last time you heard a carol or a heav­enly choir from the likes of York Min­ster re­mind­ing us what Christ­mas is re­ally about played in the shops?

Christ­mas starts now in Oc­to­ber with the tur­key and tin­sel. As I talk to friends I know from dif­fer­ent clubs they say, “We are away on a cruise to es­cape the con­sumerism”.

Re­mem­ber the days on De­cem­ber 1 when the build up started with mak­ing pa­per chains and dec­o­ra­tions, mum would start mak­ing the pud­ding with the hid­den six­pence. Please see these pho­to­graphs taken on North Bay Prom­e­nade.

The bins are clearly in­ad­e­quate for the area.

In the sum­mer there are large bins and these have been re­placed by half the num­ber of small bins.

Whilst I ac­cept there may not be the same need out of sea­son the very least the coun­cil can do is empty them on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

These bins have been full since be­fore Christ­mas.

Now rub­bish is be­ing scat­tered by wind and scav­engers. What dam­age is this caus­ing to our seas and wildlife?

There is one other bin which is sim­i­larly over­flow­ing.

Sue Balm­ford Trafal­gar Road


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