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Look be­fore you leap. You don’t want to find your­self strug­gling in ar­eas you are best out of. En­gag­ing in risky be­hav­iour is not a good idea. Your judge­ment isn’t as good as it could be and for this rea­son, care­less moves should be avoided. Mix­ing with like­minded friends will give you the con­fi­dence to move to­wards a spe­cial goal. Be pre­pared to put more time than you had planned into any­thing im­por­tant. Check fur­ther if in­for­ma­tion re­ceived doesn’t com­pletely clar­ify a press­ing is­sue. Keep in­voices and re­ceipts in a safe place over the next few weeks as they may be needed to re­solve a query. A neigh­bour you have fallen out with will of­fer an olive branch.

Cancer Jun 23 to Jul 23

Youwill­get­plenty fan­cypromises but­no­re­al­re­sults con­cerningafrien­dor some­so­cial­mat­ters.Trust­ingthe wrong­per­son­could­lurey­ouin­toa sit­u­a­tion­thatisn’tgood­foryou.The mo­men­ty­oure­alis­esome­oneisn’t ashon­es­ta­sy­ouhadthought,you should­takestep­stose­ty­our­self free.Aclut­tere­dend-of-the-week sched­ulewil­l­work­bet­terthan an­tic­i­pated. Your­fam­i­ly­don’t seem­towant­tolis­ten toyou.Youmayneed to ex­press your­self along­dra­mat­i­cli­nesinorderto be­heard.Youd­is­like­thethought ofdis­cussingy­our­feel­ings,but thi­siswhat’sneed­ed­to­bringyou andy­our­fam­i­ly­closer­to­gether. En­cour­agelove­don­estodothe same.Atrip­with­thep­ur­poseof ad­vanc­ingy­our­worldlyam­bi­tions will­be­fi­nan­cial­lyre­ward­ing.

Virgo Aug 24 to Sep 23

Newsear­ly­on­will in­creasey­our­in­ter­est in­home­and­fam­ily af­fairs.Thep­ace­ofa home­im­prove­ment­pro­ject­maybe slow­erthany­ouwould­like.Youmay not­getev­ery­thin­gac­com­plished bu­ty­ouare­mak­ing­progress.The so­cial­whirl­will­be­comem­ore in­trigu­in­gafter­receivin­ga­party in­vi­ta­tion.Peo­p­ley­oumeet­nowwill have­hu­man­i­tar­i­an­in­ter­est­sanda global out­look. Take a deep breath and count to ten if you en­counter op­po­si­tion. You will over­come the prob­lem and go on to big­ger things if you side­step con­fronta­tion. If you’re asked for your views or an opin­ion, give a diplo­matic re­sponse that can be in­ter­preted ei­ther way. Try to steer clear of emo­tional en­tan­gle­ments and ten­sion with in-laws.

Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov 22

Youmay­have­tocurb your en­thu­si­asm at­times­but­there’s no­harmin­be­ing cau­tious­ly­op­ti­mistic.Bere­cep­tive toanyup­beat­ca­reerop­por­tu­ni­ties orof­fer­sthat­comey­our­way. Res­train­im­pul­siveurge­sand trusty­our­in­tu­ition­totel­ly­ouwhen thetimeis­right­to­take­ac­tion. Ex­trav­a­gance­orover­re­act­ingto mi­norupset­sor­in­con­ve­niences could­di­min­ishy­ourluck. This is as good a time as any to bring up the fi­nan­cial con­sid­er­a­tions of a home im­prove­ment project or en­ter­tain­ment plan. A gen­er­ous rel­a­tive may of­fer to fi­nance your ideas. Strike while ev­ery­one oozes charm and money. A con­ge­nial lunch with your work­mates could add up to a prof­itable mix­ture of busi­ness and plea­sure.

Capri­corn Dec 22 to Jan 20

Although mixed in­flu­ences are op­er­at­ing, you won’t be dis­ap­pointed as they ac­cen­tu­ate the pos­i­tive. Some great money and job op­por­tu­ni­ties point to pleas­ing re­wards, fi­nan­cially and ma­te­ri­ally. If a close re­la­tion­ship or friend­ship has re­cently been pushed onto the back burner, you will get the chance to make amends, as the week ends. Ifameetingor in­ter­viewwith some­onewhois cru­cial­toy­our­ca­reer plan­sisony­oura­genda,pusha­side any­wish­ful­thinkingand­stick­tothe facts.In­stead­of­goin­goveris­sues in­y­our­mind,do­somere­search, talk­toother­peo­ple­and­pro­vide ev­i­dence­to­back­up­whaty­ouhave tosay.In­busi­ness,ed­u­ca­tional and­fi­nan­cial­mat­ters,doy­our home­work.

Pisces Feb 20 to Mar 20

After a re­cent mis­un­der­stand­ing, new agree­ments are reached. You can now en­joy the full mea­sure of ex­cite­ment over travel or hol­i­day plans or a fam­ily cel­e­bra­tion. A wed­ding or honey­moon is im­mi­nent for you or some­one who is close to you. Your part­ner or a rel­a­tive will balk at an ex­pen­di­ture for which sev­eral peo­ple may have to foot the bill. Youmight­get­car­ried awayabout­the po­ten­tialo­fa­work or­fam­i­lypro­ject. Starting­o­nany­thing­with­out thinkin­git­through­prop­er­ly­willbe awaste­of­time,ef­for­t­and­money. After­some­con­sid­er­a­tion,you will­have­abet­ter­slan­ton­how topro­ceed.Some­onewil­lof­fer con­struc­tive­crit­i­cism.Don’ttakeit thewrong­way­when­the­yare­only try­ing­to­helpyou.

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