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AN ap­pear­ance on Michael McIn­tyre’s Com­edy Road­show and his sour mem­o­ries of shoot­ing Johnny Ve­gas’s sit­com Ideal not­with­stand­ing, tele­vi­sion’s loss is live stand-up’s boon, as there’s no­body more ugly in spirit if not coun­te­nance than An­drew Lawrence.

Lawrence’s vit­riol is af­forded ad­di­tional venom for ob­vi­ously spring­ing from gen­uine feel­ing. Not all of his mis­an­thropy could be as real, his re­la­tion­ship with his girl­friend seem­ing like it’s based on Step­toe and Son. But the care with which he crafts his lines of dense, disgusting in­sult, the po­etic bile he spews forth, evokes a won­der­fully dis­tinc­tive per­sona. Lawrence’s bel­liger­ence is per­haps ex­ces­sively am­pli­fied this year, with less vul­ner­a­bil­ity to lighten to the murk. But his clos­ing prank, in­duc­ing his crowd to dis­rupt a neigh­bour­ing show, is ras­cally Machi­avel­lian.


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