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It Is as if the Id­iots of Ants have de­vel­oped scruffier, rude, badly be­haved and equally funny big broth­ers, who have called them­selves Late Night Gimp

Fight! (be­cause, as they smartly re­alise, there are many peo­ple for whom just the word “gimp” is com­edy enough.)

they have barely a sketch that does not work and there are many mo­ments of comic gimp bril­liance. the mini-se­ries of

Tragic Mo­ments is ap­pallingly funny, the Full Monty sketch is joy­fully en­ter­tain­ing (one gimp in par­tic­u­lar show­ing ded­i­ca­tion to a punch­line in a way un­par­al­leled by any­one but Phil ni­chol and the late, great mal­colm hardee) and the gimps’ ver­sions of I Don’t Wanna Miss

A Thing and Don’t Stop Be­liev­ing are among the most in­ven­tive pieces of com­edy you will see. even Lee nel­son can­not make a hoodie as rub­ber-per­ish­ingly funny as this.

the show is linked by an im­pres­sively slick video screen with cut-up rapid-fire graph­ics (heav­ily gimp-based) and clev­erly edited mu­sic videos and tV clips (which be­come gimp-based). the gimps seem to have man­aged to get some­thing into this glo­ri­ous show to of­fend ev­ery­one. they do dread­ful things to sleep­ing Beauty and have the fun­ni­est cru­ci­fix­ion scene since Brian’s. there is hi­lar­ity with hIV and un­ex­pected in­cest. there is even a lit­er­ary ref­er­ence (note to the id­iot girl be­hind me, Wait­ing

for Godot is a fa­mous play). the gimps even dis­play great sing­ing voices and im­pres­sive ac­ro­batic skills. rub­ber-masked sketch com­edy doesn’t get much bet­ter than this. they and their di­rec­tor (steve, ac­cord­ing to the blog on their web­site) have taken last year’s show and, us­ing the same recipe, sim­ply im­proved the qual­ity of the in­gre­di­ents. this is so much fun it is ab­so­lutely worth stay­ing sober till 11 o’clock for.

kAtE COp­stiCk

Un­til 29 Au­gust. To­day 11pm.

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