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the set­tInG for this high­qual­ity rein­ter­pre­ta­tion of Bram stoker’s orig­i­nal vam­pire tale has been per­fectly cho­sen. As we mount the stairs to the loft of Adam house, we wit­ness the still fire-dam­aged stair­well ly­ing dis­used af­ter al­most a decade. heat-seared paint flakes from the black­ened walls and ban­is­ters. In one corner a shiv­er­ing, sal­low-eyed man watches the au­di­ence file in, while a pale young woman in a vir­ginal white dress at­tempts to com­fort him. there are more men and women in the dimly lit up­per room, it­self seared and de­crepit. they scratch and drum at the floor and walls. the sound is like a bat’s nest.

Full marks, then, for Oneo­hone the­atre Com­pany’s dra­matic stag­ing of this story. the con­tent’s also rather im­pres­sive, with the cast of char­ac­ters be­ing in­mates of a Vic­to­rian mental hos­pi­tal, all bar the doc­tor who is treat­ing them for their sup­posed shared delu­sions. these char­ac­ters are re­vealed to be those from stoker’s book, and the doc­tor en­cour­ages them through a se­ries of “re-en­act­ments” to re­live un­pleas­ant events they ex­pe­ri­ence on a shared trip abroad. A sin­is­ter and ef­fec­tively scary horror tale, this doesn’t quite man­age to de­liver the wider hu­man para­ble it oc­ca­sion­ally prom­ises.


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