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1 Pa­trols cut out for the rich and pow­er­ful

(10) 9 Molten rock found in a val­ley floor on the

way back (4) 10 Must have tailed off, but was still in­spired

(10) 11 A politi­cian in 23 across is not eas­ily

ousted, in the main (6) 12 Cer­tainly lost lit­tle en­ergy, but was quite

grumpy (5) 15 Rows over cup-match run on Sun­day (5) 18 Fam­ily group start to make a loud ring­ing

sound (5) 19 There’s room for church to get a warn­ing

light (7) 20 Run across an old car (5) 21 Is in re­volt, ready to get turned over (5) 22 Give one’s sanc­tion to close down, or sell

with pounds off (7) 23 Give carte blanche to ev­ery­one to get

round Wales (5) 24 Sets the pace for the French, at short

no­tice, on Sun­day ... (5) 26 ... and can mud­dle through, hav­ing to

sup­ple­ment the French (5) 29 Find how to get round town, in a

round­about way (6) 31 Trusts some com­pa­nies, as in news­pa­per com­bi­na­tions (10) 32 Man­aged to get the fi­nal black into po­si­tion (4) 33 Sure to mend or­gan­i­sa­tion. It’s quite ex­tra­or­di­nary (10)


2 Old in­stru­ment left in small pick-up truck,

down un­der (4) 3 Fit to tone things down, or make things

harder (6) 4 En­gi­neer left on line starts to se­cure some

rooms in­side (5) 5 Have to change a lieu­tenant be­fore

meet­ing the Queen (5) 6 For ex­am­ple, 150 were in­volved,

un­for­tu­nately (5) 7 Ian’s got space to de­velop a large body of

wa­ter (7,3) 8 Crit­i­cises some play­ers go­ing be­fore one at

the en­trances (10) 13 Peace-keep­ers gave some as­sis­tance, but

they were on their own (7) 14 A politi­cian can be quite gen­er­ous, to be

char­i­ta­ble (7) 15 Bear ha­tred di­rected at down-at-heel

char­ac­ters (10) 16 Wrap­ping up a com­mu­ni­ca­tion to en­sure

delivery (10) 17 Small team, in the main, had a pro­pel­ler (5) 18 To get credit, turn to the Span­ish. It can be

quite bru­tal (5) 25 Make a mis­take with an as­sign­ment (6) 26 When get­ting ready is seen as an

ad­van­tage (5) 27 Stud­ies English first when rather thick (5) 28 Are the lit­er­ary set part of the

Es­tab­lish­ment? (5) 30 In good shape, rul­ing a South Amer­i­can

coun­try (4)

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