1 Does one have to be 100 per cent ac­cu­rate? As­suredly (4,2,7)

10 Is fully up to speed when work­ing on a law­suit (2,3,4)

11 A girl sym­bolic of peace is in dire need (5) 12 An ex­pert model took in some salt (7) 13 Mean to de­clare, but tak­ing a long time about it (7)

14 Im­pose a tax over a short time, dis­play­ing thought­less­ness (6)

16 Read about good man like a French po­lice­man (8)

18 Was en­hanced by abun­dant en­ergy in the end (8)

20 Heard one miss out one old Ro­man gen­eral (6)

23 Sent one line out with an ex­pres­sion of good health (7)

24 Might a worker get­ting the sack need a small pouch? (7)

26 When in North Amer­ica, I have to be a bit in­gen­u­ous (5) 27 Lead­ing con­duc­tor got back in twice af­ter an opera (9)

29 Would a se­nior of­fi­cer hit those in­volved in all-out ac­tion? (7,6)


2 In­deed, one can’t re-en­ter a cave (5)

3 The Span­ish, for ex­am­ple, took on a worker. He was quite re­fined (7) 4 I n the past, won a Ger­man stone-throw­ing en­gine (6)

5 Tried to eat out, then did it all again (8) 6 Fol­low one right to the fin­ish, like Char­lie (4-3)

7 Hold onto a pen­dant, leav­ing a last tot in the bot­tle (4,1,4)

8 Was Thomas More con­tent with the weather all year round? (3,3,7)

9 At present we leave with a profit, so will do so for a sec­ond time (4,2,2,5)

15 See ri­val, on time, be­com­ing a Jack-of-all­trades (9)

17 Dean had time out when suf­fer­ing from a loss of men­tal power (8)

19 Was against giv­ing way, but had to yield in the end (7)

21 Was it a man or a horse? A bit of both in clas­si­cal mythol­ogy (7)

22 Are the strong-boxes needed for board game tak­ing a lit­tle time? (6)

25 We may have to give a block to a good, kind

per­son (5)

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