1 Pre­pare for a change of ad­dress, but have to speed up a bit (3,1,4,2)

6 Some of the pic­tures from Hol­ly­wood are on a grand scale (4)

10 Ex­press wish to prac­tise hard be­fore a game is in progress (5)

11 One fol­lows ad­vice, in the end, if one taps into an­other per­son’s calls (7,2)

12 Ready, on time, to get the French to pay up (6)

13 A close rel­a­tive has a right to be un­pre­dictable (7)

15 Runs into an empty es­tate, just to make it se­cure (6)

16 Don’t pay much at­ten­tion, re­gard­less (8) 19 Ex­am­ines some very small crea­tures with very lit­tle power (8)

21 Start to build up an Army corps in an an­cient gal­ley (6)

24 At last, to have a new no­ble char­ac­ter was quite touch­ing (7)

26 Turn spoor over in or­der to make it per­me­able (6)

28 Was play­ing away, so was not ready to re­ceive vis­i­tors (3,2,4)

29 Did a nim­ble US sol­dier get in a drink? (5)

30 Catch sight of the last se­cret agent (4)

31 Weigh up some sol­diers, at the end, in their ap­praisal (10)


1 Top gun used to strengthen stay­ing power (4)

2 When paint­ing over some lines of po­etry, moves from side to side (9)

3 Gi­gan­tic storm brew­ing up over the north­east (7)

4 Com­monly gains a type of silk fab­ric (6)

5 For­mer pupils, in short, get bet­ter, but it was a bit com­pli­cated (8)

7 Old man’s tak­ing note of a thick puree (5)

8 Hav­ing a se­cond tart pre­pared can be com­pa­ra­ble (10)

9 Took part in a sport­ing con­test, for­ti­fied with an en­clo­sure (6)

14 Refuse to ac­cept an African party, at the end, might be in op­po­si­tion (10)

17 Per­form a verse in­side a firm’s board (9) 18 Stop­ping places on track in stock farms down un­der (8)

20 Builds up a case, for in­stance, be­fore the courts (6)

22 Find some pop­u­lar ways to make in­cur­sions into en­emy ter­ri­tory (7)

23 What are the odds, at present, in hav­ing a ball? (6)

25 Fall short with­out a ram (3,2)

27 Have a scratch in the body­work from a small ac­ci­dent (4)

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