1 Worked out how to con­vert bonds, etc, into money (8)

5 About to take a politi­cian to an Amer­i­can univer­sity grounds (6)

9 Get some am­mu­ni­tion in an of­fi­cial re­port (8)

10 Show real stay­ing power, so can have a great ef­fect (6)

12 At first sight, get to agree about the way to iso­late some peo­ple (9)

13 One may have com­mon sense, at the end, but it’s fu­tile (2,3)

14 One scheme, in fact, is at its best at Easter (6)

17 That is in­side stan­dard rules (2,3)

20 Get near a de­vel­op­ment used for sport­ing contests (5)

21 A med­i­cal of­fi­cer led sol­diers, at last, but not for long (6)

24 Ap­proach a house with de­ter­mi­na­tion to suc­ceed there (5)

25 Draw at­ten­tion to a place that’s fall­ing short (9) 28 First univer­sity trial ar­ranged for a form of cer­e­mo­nial (6)

29 Moved abroad with a Rus­sia fighter who was val­ued at the end (8)

30 A run­ner and writer get­ting to­gether made them more pro­found (6)

31 May connect, say, in­side move to send a team down to a lower level (8)


1 Run round statue in good shape (6)

2 Claim in court that ev­ery­one, say, ex­pected to open up (6)

3 A girl named for peace, in fact, was able to in­spire new mem­bers ... (5)

4 ... and a girl called Heather was in or­der, I can guar­an­tee (5)

6 At pres­sure, say, when sur­viv­ing scru­tiny (9) 7 Had to drop cure de­signed to be se­cured (8) 8 Some groups embrace good work­ers in var­i­ous sec­tions (8)

11 Was about to judge, in the past, how to buy things back (6)

15 Dead­lock in­volved last team, at the end (9) 16 Did an old gang­ster get the bulk of the money? Nearly (6)

18 Rod, at the end, took on a left-winger who had lost his way (8)

19 Dis­par­age those who want to live like the op­po­site of 27 down (8)

22 In an­cient Greece, she was a good girl (6) 23 For ex­am­ple, marks re­turn of dull, un­in­ter­est­ing food (6)

26 Get round to be able to bear fruit (5)

27 Is at lib­erty to grow very big (5)

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