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So-called “pa­tri­ots” growl that any­one dis­agree­ing with them on the con­sti­tu­tional ques­tion is“do­ing Scot­land down .” What worse way of do­ing it down than de­mand­ing an­other gamble on its peo­ple’s job se­cu­rity, pub­lic ser­vices and pen­sions, risk­ing a dra­matic drop in liv­ing stan­dards in the name of a creed built on panCelti­cism, Green ide­ol­ogy and the dis­cred­ited eco­nomic the­o­ries of 1970s Labour?

Michael Up­ton’s ar­gu­ment (Let­ters ,4 Septem­ber) for al­low­ing Scot­tish re­gions to ex­er­cise a demo­cratic right to opt out of Project Indy is a valid one. In this way, union­ist re­gions could be shielded from any post-sep­a­ra­tion fi­nan­cial chaos in the neigh­bour­ing Repub­lic of Scot­land, and our chil­dren would be spared in­doc­tri­na­tion with the na­tion­al­ists’ idea of “Scot­tish­ness”.

Refugees es­cap­ing this im­pov­er­ished new state (with its poli­cies lim­it­ing free­dom of ex­pres­sion) would no doubt be warmly wel­comed in Scot­land UK.

MARTIN O’GOR­MAN Lit­tle­john Road, Ed­in­burgh

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