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FLAG-wav­ing ex­trem­ists sing Rule Bri­tan­nia and white na­tion­al­ists in England block road sat the port of Dover while protest­ing over mi­grant cross­ings

Ex­tinc­tion Re­bel­lion pro­test­ers block roads too and 600 are ar­rested. The usual com­ments from John­son and Pat el about press free­dom abound.

So far, no crit­i­cism about the Dover block­ade has come from No .10. One won­ders why?

Tac it sup­port for white na­tion­al­ists in England and their tac­tics? Trump­ist tac­tics seem to be start­ing here.

JOHN EDGAR Lang­muir Quad­rant, Kil­maur

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