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1. Of which for­mer Soviet repub­lic is Riga the cap­i­tal?

2. Who cre­ated Padding­ton Bear?

3. What name is given to an area of a desert where wa­ter is avail­able?

4. Which 1973 film was based on the life of French prisoner Henri Char­riere?

5. Of which US state is Lans­ing the cap­i­tal?

6. Which Amer­i­can singer-song­writer was born Robert Allen Zim­mer­man?

7. Of which coun­try did Fidel Cas­tro be­come prime min­is­ter in 1959?

8. Which ac­tor starred in the films The St­ing and Out of Africa?

9. Which Amer­i­can sharp­shooter in­spired the mu­si­cal An­nie Get Your Gun?

10. In which US state is the city of Milwaukee?

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