The Scotsman : 2020-09-08

BUSINESS : 45 : 45


45 THE SCOTSMAN Tuesday 8 September 2020 SCOTSMAN.COM @THESCOTSMA­N Business OPEN as usual. Call free to find out how much you could release. I released tax-free money from my home And now I don’t make any mortgage repayments Low interest rates fixed for life Maintain 100% home ownership1 Clear your existing mor tgage ✓ ✓ ✓ We will explain how equit y release could af fect the amount of inheritanc­e you can leave and if your entitlemen­t to means-tested benefits could be af fected now or in the future. Equity release may involve a home reversion plan or a lifetime mor tgage which is secured against your proper ty. To understand the features and risks ask for your personalis­ed illustrati­on. Equity release requires paying off any existing mor tgage. Any money released, plus accrued interest, would be repaid upon death or moving into long-term care. *Based on volume of plans, Touchstone data 2018-19. with a Lifetime Mor tgage. REQ UES T YOUR FRE E GUI DE 1 Only The UK’S No.1 Equity Release Advisor* To find out how much tax-free cash you could release and to request your FREE guide, call Freephone 0808 1450 167 or visit www.equit y.agepar /JP Age Par tnership Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registered number 425432. Company registered in England and Wales No. 5265969. Age Par tnership Limited, 2200 Centur y Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds, LS15 8ZB. VAT registrati­on number 162 9355 92.